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155 comments on “Contact

  1. M Ward says:

    Hi! When you edit your “How to Join” page, you might want to add a bit about needing to sign-in to Google before the red “Edit” button will appear. I’d like to offer my energy as a volunteer, I’m not an expert web designer but I can do enough to be considered maybe “intermediate.” Also, I’m computer and internet literate, and can do anything an executive assistant/secretary does, I’m not sure what you need in that area but I’d be happy to help. I’m slightly multilingual (Spanish and German) but not fluent. I love this and it makes me most hopeful and excited. I am on my way to TN for nationals and I’ll print up the info and distribute as much as I can. Lovin You!

    • Great to hear from you! Thanks for joining! Please send an email to and then Victoria or I will reply with passwords etc.

      When we say “expert web designers” we’re thinking about people needed to create a massive, complex website which could become the alternative Facebook/couchsurfing/”communitysurfing”/woofing etc. To do that we’ll need some people with highly specialised skills, of course. But that’s the future… right now we just have to keep things ticking along in this simple form, get more people involved, answer comments and emails, update pages, etc. That’s pretty straight-forward and I’m sure you’re more than capable of helping with that! And it would be AWESOME if you could spread the word at the US nationals!!!

      And wow… I didn’t realise that you need a google account in order to edit the map. That’s a bummer but, well, so be it. I don’t see another solution right now. Yes, the ‘how to join’ page has to be changed. Would you like to do it??!!?? Talk to Victoria in the forum or wherever for help with the Spanish. I’m going to disappear for a while at the Peruvian national gathering, leaving Cusco in a minute…


    • ¡Hola! Thanks for the suggestion about the google trap, I have already put the advertisement on the How to Join Page.
      Besos y hasta pronto!
      PS: What do you mean with TN Nationals? I am curious! 🙂

    • Love Love Love… Bless yall… working up a caravan leaving NorCal area in Cotati CA… we are wanting to head out on or around 20-25th… Manifesting small 1 ton bus or large bus… ??? contact Clay if interested… Very happy about what you all are doing here… even more on the lands! Contact: Clay Inthepottershands (Spirit White Owl) 707-357-4657 and or A copy of the Decleration of Inter-Dependence! Yeah signed in 1976 at Rainbow High Noon Ceremony… Peace to you and yours!

  2. Felix says:

    Beloved Family!

    Not only are we actors in the greatest cosmic play ever directed, but we are also the (co)author(s) of it… Now, how cool is that??!

    As you all know, we as the human race are currently approaching a new era of life on earth. We all are contemporary witnesses of the birth of a global spiritual culture of love and wisdom. This history we are writing together is the most beautiful, incredible and yes, maybe also the most dramatic story ever told. Choose your role carefully. Almost anything now days is documented on the internet, and yes we are being watched anyways. The people of the future will probably for thousands and thousands of years not be able to understand how human beings ever could have been stupid enough to kill each other. However, congratulations if you already joined our incredibly sympathic global-peace-eco-movement-of-all-colours! ^^

    The reason i am writing this message to you is the calendar of this new global culture. Obviously it is going to begin on the next wintersolstice with the year “one”. I feel that with my previous work on the 7 cycles of creation I am holding a part that may be useful for that calendar. As well it is a new approach to mathematical numbers, linking the quality to the quantity. I have an idea of a possible calendar, but this is not a work that i can or want to do by myself. Anyone else involved with this kind of stuff please contact me. Also we are very likely to more and more develop whole new global systems of astrology, mythology and maybe even music. I know people are working on this, so where is the webspace where we finally combine our efforts towards this new culture?? Maybe I just haven’t found it? I use because it is the best I know.

    Please forward this message to anyone. Together goes better.

    I wholeheartedly invite anyone who wants to get involved, but especially people with knowledge about astrology to come to the Authum Equinox Gathering at Externsteine. We could make it a small rainbow after the stallwang one? I’m going to Externsteine from there. If you want to participate but can’t go there please just send me an email.

    Infinite Love and Light

    Thank you all!!!

    +49 (0) 176 38863941

    • Thanks brother. I personally don’t believe in time anymore so I don’t know that a new calendar is needed. But, well, it’s fun, eh, to say ‘let’s start from 0’… why not. We’re working right now on an elaborate new website to replace this one, that could be the one you’re looking for…?

  3. Agathe Thomas says:

    Hola querida familia !
    Soy francesa y en viaje por un año en America Latina. Miercoles atterizo en Manaus en el norte del Brasil, y quiero ir a Iquitos (Peru) en barco. Parece que existen comunaudades alternativas en las orillas del rio Amazone, y me gustaria ver como funcionan y encontrar a la gente. Tienen contactos para ayudarme a encontrarlos en Amazonia o en Peru ? Existen lugares donde puedo encontrar la familia Rainbow ?
    Gracias por la ayuda, LOVE,

  4. Hey brother. This is Brandon from Rainbow
    I hope the rest of your time there is amazing!!

    To follow up on our discussions, here is our primary website
    I can be reached directly through brandon (at) projectrejuvenation

    OR, if you are on facebook, here is my profile.

    Lets stay connected.

    Peace and Love

    • Hey Brandon! Good to hear from you and thanks for the link. We’re going full speed ahead to Oaxaca, meeting on the beach in a week. I’ve had a meeting with a Mexican civil rights lawyer who said that a social movement without any names of individuals can indeed own land and hold a bank account. More research and discussions needed, obviously, but for me it seems like the way to go. Forever connected. Luz, paz y amor. Martin

  5. Camilo Mowglee says:

    Just got back from Palenque, my first Rainbow! I FOUND MY FAMILY!!! I love you all!!!
    Rainbow Crystal Land is the future. Im a sustainable-sacred geometry architect and know that I must get involved in this!!! If anyone has land and needs help, let me know.

    Acabo de regresar de Palenque, mi primer Arcoiris. YA ENCONTRÉ MI FAMILIA!!! Les amo a todos!!!
    Tierra Cristal Arcoiris es el futuro! Soy arquitecto sustentable de geometría sagrada y se que tengo que ser parte de estoy!!! Si alaguen tiene terreno y quiere ayuda, por favor de dicen.

  6. bouvet says:

    So good to have news Martin and see the evolution. I am on my way to India for the Kumbl Melha and reach rainbow family people in a Love camp there. I know this is not a Gathering but many will be there. The pics of Guatemala are really nice (again, ) like for each gathering because people from family are wonderful, this is so simple.
    Love to all and “bonne route” Martin

  7. Mama Turtle says:

    Hola Martin y mucho gusto!
    Mi llamo Mama Turtle y avivo aqui in Oaxaca. Estoy de la Familia de Arco Iris a Estados Unidos. Voy escribir in ingles porque mi espanol es horible!!!
    I have been a gatherer for 23 years and lived on many intentional communities. It was my life endeavor to understand the sensitive workings of how to support gatherings in a healthy and functional way for large, spontaneous groups of people, as well as how to help focalise intentional communities in a balanced and healthy way. A long term excersize to be sure!
    After many years for being a full time rainbow sister and studying and working every intentional community atmosphere that I came across, I have learned alot about what exactly it takes to make an intentional community work.
    So now, I ask you, do you have working knowledge of such information? I would be so bold as to say that this information is crucial to the long life and happiness of the community. Otherwise, I can safely say that serious problems could (and will) arise should you folks not understand these guidelines.
    Please let me know if you wish to pick my brain regarding these issues.
    I remain, always and forever, you sister in love, light and truth.

    • Hola Mama Turtle!

      Yeah, let’s stick to English, easier for me too…

      Your comments are very welcome!! I think we could all benefit if you shared more of your thoughts and experiences publicly. And, of course, once we have land in Oaxaca, actually get involved!! I can put you in touch with the people currently scouting, if you wish…

      I and those I have travelled and lived with in community for the last couple of years have a lot of experience of the social side of communal living. You need a strong community to move 27 horses across Brazil or bring more than 50 people, mostly without money, from Brazil to Mexico, while focussing on charitable work, or organise a safe space for thousands of people to gather. Yes, we’re a strong group with strong intentions and we know we have to make strong consensuses and be connected through clear common visions. But these are mostly nomadic communities I’m talking about. Permanent communities attempting to live sustainably on a piece of land is of course a different ballgame. Continuity is now crucial. I and many others have also spent considerable amounts of time in sedentary communities but for sure we would benefit from more experience from people like you…

      If you wish to share more, let me know how you would like to do so… I can put your words into a blog entry, for example…?

      Welcome home anytime.

      Your brother Martin

    • It’ll be interesting to get in touch with you and share a knowledge in community building, please, mail me at, when you’ll have free time. Thanks! 😉

  8. I wanted to let you know we added your community to our list. We would like different communities to discuss their rules, such that other communities can hear the benefits and implement it into their community.

  9. GFI Norte says:

    Your method of explaining the whole thing in this post is actually pleasant, every one be able to simply know it, Thanks a lot.

  10. Isa Lake says:

    Aloha family, I ❤ what is happening down there. I have been looking for such a place to live in harmony with sacred mother earth with my kids. I have motorhomes, one is veggie. I would love to possibly donate one for a structure. I had a dream when I was younger of going south and growing huge gardens to feed the children, and the family. If this is my calling I would love to be a part of this community and grow huge gardens, build structures, have communal healing circles. I Have also been working with crystals and the ancient trees that are left on earth. Going south will enable me to continue this healing gridwork that I started as a kid 20 or more years ago. I will arrive with plenty of supplies of building equipment, seeds, food, medical supplies, and all the healing I have to offer. Please offer me some more information as I am very interested. Either on Facebook, Isa Lake, or email Blessed love

    • Hey Isa!! Great to hear from you and that you’re thinking of coming down here! Did you read the last blog entry? I don’t know how much more information I can give you, do you have specific questions? It’s on a hillside and I don’t know if we would be able to put a motorhome on the property, logistically speaking. I don’t know if we would be able to pull it up the hill… but the road skirts the property and I’m sure with a bit of digging anything would be possible. About your children, just remember that conditions are basic, like a rainbow gathering, but children are happy at gatherings so why wouldn’t they be happy here? We’re far from being self-sustainable, though… it will be a long process. But you are welcome home, would love to see you down here! Martin

  11. robert says:

    hi my name is skinny pete and im a hard working free loving gypsy/ hippie that would love to join your community in costa rica. can anyone please tell me who to get in touch with to do so, many thanks and blessings

  12. ben says:

    ************HELLO DEAR FAMILY !!! brothers and sisters !!!!!!!!!***********

    I think it’s a good idea to make an alternative map of the world….. but i think “alternative” and “internet” it’s not a good mix… as you want, IT’S DANGEROUS TO USE GOOGLE MAP FOR THIS, because google control a lot of things on internet, google and googlemap take all information about people, about your privacy life, about alternative movement….
    Maybe the same map on an another website could be more serious…

    And i think it would be better to delete all these information on internet, and make maps on paer and give it to people, in rainbow gathering………..

    I ‘m not afraid about google,internet , i live in the light, in the love… but i know what babylon do , and try do do….


    Love and Light !


    • Thank you for your concerns, Benoit. This website is a temporary solution. I have already made a wish-list for a new website, which webdevelopers will start working on very soon, which states that we should not rely on external tools such as google maps. So yes, I agree with you. I do believe, though, that hiding is not the solution… it is simply postponing the problem. We will play by the rules of the system by forming an organisation (in a few months from now) and this will offer us temporary protection.

  13. Dear Rainbows!Im now in Granada,Nicaragua..Ive been trying ti get to Costa Rica,where I need a visa,and it would take me some time,ubless Id try to cross in some unconventional(Rainbow?)ways..I just read the latest update on RCL,and am excited and inspired-to make it there somehow..Wish you all continue your great work on that and all other important beautiful projects,and I hope,soon, to join you on all of them,and bring mine,too(have whole bunch of amazing ideas,visions,and one of them is- Rainboworld!(thats coming to manifest,the ideal world of Future we all dream and invision!I have webste on that,too,that needs to be complete,continused,hope.with some of your support) Peace&Love,Sofia RainbowP.S.What are your future plans,Martin?And whats happened with our North Caravan,othercaravans,Rainbow core people?.Would appreciate your response!

    • Hey Sofia! Welcome home anytime, hope you get your visa sorted. I will leave Costa Rica in a couple of weeks to start the pilgrimage to Canada. The caravan to Canada had some trouble, I believe, but Kayla is still going strong in her bus and apparently just crossed the border to the US. I’d say many of the ‘core people’, as you say, are right here in Costa Rica. Jonas, I believe, is taking a break from the scouting in Mexico, but haven’t heard from him for a while. See you in 5! Martin

      • Aloha,Martin and Rainbow Family!Thank you for response! Im glad,all seems to be going,as planned,envisioned by many of us,Rainbows..Im still in Nica,waiting for visa to C.R.,which still would take some time..all tis time,now at least couple months,I tried to get all kinds of paers,needed for this,and other visas..(had some losses on that ,spemding time and money for US,CA visa,but didnt get it,and therefore,couldnt use my airticket to Europe ,so I wont be able to be at neither European ,nor US,CA R.Gatherings this summer,but I tried my best(except illegal,anyone succeeded on that?_.) !.So,But I will be,hopefully,at least in Costa Rica,and will do my best there!How is it there lately=I hope,you,Martin,and all our Rainbows are and will be doing our best we can and are called for,wherever we are in this world,-Rainboworld! Love,all the best to all fo us!Sofia

      • Tough luck… hope you make it to Costa Rica! I’m leaving DF tomorrow to head north… Martin

  14. Nick Perkins says:

    Hi, My name is Nick but my friends call me easy. I’m 21 and I’m from the states.. Arizona to be exact. I’m quite confused by the entire putting myself on the map. Honestly, I want to join a caravan and travel with my family and help build communities. I guess I need a visa to go overseas but I don’t know much about what all I have to do. Can anybody help me through this process? I want to start right away. I’m not great at much, except making bad jokes but I have a love for helping people, and learning new things and new cultures on the fly. I guess that’s what I’d bring to any community. Hard work and fun. I don’t have a specific country I want to go to, I just want to find a family with some space and that travels a bit.

  15. hernandito says:

    can you pass me the map with the instructions to get there? my cousin wants to spend some time with you guys…
    it’s her 1st meeting with the rainbow!!!
    love you bro.

  16. Yeah, Love You Sis! Montana Bound!

  17. patrick says:

    so you guys are based out of costa rica ? ….i do the shut up and grow it and p.l.r.n. project and would love to meat up with and talk to guys in person some time if thats at all poseable. was a stab at what you guys are doing but we havent bin able to pull it off yet do to lack of computer skilled people.

    • Hey Patrick! Well, no, we’re not based anywhere in particular – I guess you could say that we’re everywhere! Costa Rica is the first of hopefully many such places… but it’s early days, of course! We’re setting up a network of communities even before those communities exist. With trust created by a legal framework and agreed-upon ideology, we hope for an abundance of donations of lands and funds. Yes, let’s meet and talk! I will call a Rainbow Crystal Land circle at the world rainbow gathering in BC, Canada, about a week before full moon, August. To get there I’m hitching up the west coast of the US, I’m currently in San Diego. See you somewhere around the bend! You can email me here: Martin

  18. Patrick says:

    Have you spoken with David Alexander English
    and all the other people and groups that have attempted this in the past?

    • Nope! Of course, we know of many communities and we know many ‘alternative people’ around the world but we didn’t know that anything as radical as what we’re proposing has been attempted. Maybe you could put us in touch? Thanks! Martin

  19. Dear Rainbow Family!I miss you and would love to reunite anywhere,but been having difficulties getting visas with my passport I cant have visas to US,CAN this timeand not totally sure,if I can be even in Costa Rica,where Im still trying to get from NICAragua, both leg and illeg,the latest idea thru SH River to Caribean crossing,if its possible..I even tried to fly to Panama,but need visa even there now! As for Rainbow Communes network,Id like to mention,that I still keep that list of lands,offered by Rainbows at different latest R.Gs thruout the world,that we should try sometimes in future,and also,share with one of my ideas,finding some land,space on totally neutral territory,that does not belong to anyone,and creating our truly independent Rainbow Country,RWD,that starts from network of RComs,and I have website – with much broader ideas of ideal world we want to live and manifest,that needs to be completed!Its not just a fantasy,according to UNESCO,anyone ,who finds such neutral place has legal right to create own countryand there are already quite a few of such there!We´d better hurry up before no more of such possibilities left!Whoever will read this and will be in Canada,and other R.Gs,please spread the word,and update,respond to meI also would like to create some media,network,connecting all Rainbows in the world with any kind of news,important info..similar to US RGs newsletter,but we need to have it for all R Fam in the world!Lets get serious and make it happen!Good luck to all of us!Peace/Love Sofia Rainbow My e mail

      • sofia says:

        Im finally at our Rainbow Commune-Finca Salverede,in CR..Its nice here,but rains a lot,and id have to leave soon becourse of visa expiration,maybe will return,if will get visa How RG in US and Canada went,and any other interesting info,future plans,etc.Love&Peace,Sofia

  20. Ceci says:

    hola entiendo bien como puedo encontrar por aqui a la familia…busco comunidades al sur de chile e información sobre encuentros 🙂 bendiciones

  21. Gonzo says:

    What do I have to do to join the community? What do I need to bring and what is expected of me when I arrive? Thanks.

    • You have to arrive! Arriving with a certain level of humbleness, willingness to learn and motivation to work is pretty essential. Personal self-sufficiency is important right now… the community in Costa Rica is obviously not self-sufficient yet. As far as I know no communal sleeping structures have been constructed, so it’s important that you have a way to stay dry and warm. Welcome home! Martin

  22. Clay says:

    Where you at?

  23. Dear Rainbows! Please,let me know about our lands,location,possibility to join,or at least visit in any parts of the world,Id appreciate it 1Ive heatd about lands,purchased by Jonas in Guatemala,Mexico..Im now in El Saivador,and am trying to see the right,best destination..How were the R.G-s in US,CAN?What are other news on our future plans,actions?I had some short,bittersweet experience in CR land,will comment on that later..but one thing was very clear and obvious-that ar early stage of our first experiments with communal life,we shouldnt be open just for anyone,but those,who are truly rainbows in spirit,calling,level of conciousness,interests,etc.-otherwise,it will be breaking all our sfforts apart..the commune in CR had its bitter experiences already(having major thefts,crasy,mentally unstable people,with unhealthy,addictive habits,etc. I almost gave up on the whole idea of communal livinf for Rainbow tribe,yet not quite yet(couple challenging people,and some locals with different personal motifs shouldnt break us all apart!.) Peace&Love,Sofia Rainbow

    • For Mexico you’ll have to contact Jonas yourself, we are awaiting news to see if he wants to follow the RCL vision.

      The gathering in Canada consensed for the Maghreb (north-west Africa) on a spring full moon (to be decided in Hungary) in 2015. And in 2014 the world family is going to Hungary in August-September, after the European in Romania July-August.

      As you make a negative public comment about the community in Costa Rica, I will respond truthfully. I know you fairly well, Sofia, we have been to a few gatherings together. While Costa Rica is by no means perfect, your comment is highly subjective, and the way I interpret it, related to your own challenges to live in harmony with your surroundings. I invite you to find a home occupied only by those you see as “truly rainbows in spirit” and not “just anyone”, I wish you peace and happiness in such a place. The RCL vision, however, is aimed at challenging the elitism and separation that is at the heart of the sickness of the world.

      Love and light

  24. sofiarainbow says:

    Dear Martin and Family! Thank you for responding!. Can you,please,send me Jonas e-mail,id appreciate..As for RCL Project,and our comments,based on first experoences with it,-let me share more,of what I think about it..My visión of ideal world we want all to live,-is weññ lnown,and been also on my,as the world-brothersisterhood of people,living in peace and harmony,with all that unites..So,im the first advocate for unity,equality,and all other ifeals to be shared..Yet,I feel,while its been a dream,vision to work on,manifeast together,-still it would take some time for that to happen..In the meanwgile.we,as rainbow tribe,well distinguished by many unigue common interests,values,lifestyle,and other preferencies,level of cosiousness,spirituality-quite different from any other tribes,movements in the world-that is honor,but also a responcibility..Its been profecised in many indigenous cultures about Rainbow people,thatd come to Earth to sabe it from greed and destruction and build a new world,I call it Rainboworld..And its crucial to dirst of all get orginised,and put our beautiful potencial,visions-finally,-into actions..RCLands been part of those visions for a while,and Ive been part of it,as well as wgole Rainbow Path for more,than 20 years,and feel responcibility for making it happen perhaos more,than many others,who came to RFamily only recently,you,Martin,included..I welcome,respect,appreciate you and all those,who sincerely contribute,and dedícate their time,knowledge,energy,-lines into the progress,manifestation of all our cherished dreams,ideas,visions1But the beginnings are the hardest,most challenging,and it takes also our wisdom,maturity,wullingbess to stick together,and not let any negative,dark forces to break these sacred beginnings..they are like our first born babies..Nobody is perfect,me,included,but its much easier to work some of our differencies within RFamily,rather tan whole Human family,-especially at first stage..Im not making it up,Ive stayed,tried,and witnessed it.And its not just my opinión,that brother,who challenged not only me with his devilish behaviours,clearly possesed by dark entities,-kept in horror the whoñe neighborhood,community there,making all the neighbors question our Rcommune in heneral..And being open for all the locals,at any time of day and night,whu are far from having same worldviews,values,and are not ready to instantly become members of our commune,-made me and ithers feel vert uncomfortable,and led to major thefts(I dont exclude possibility for that from those,who come to RC from farer,either..Whereas,I felt totally comfortable,compatible,happy-living,working with the majority of others in our commune..Peace&Love,Sofia Rainbow

    • Thank you for your reply, Sofia, and thank you for clarifying. I wasn’t in Costa Rica when you were there so I couldn’t possibly comment. All I can say is that in the almost two months I spent at the community I saw perfection and beauty, even in its imperfections, and the open-hearted involvement of the locals was particularly moving. I saw the transformation of disharmony through never-ending communal heart-sharing and listening. Our interpretation of what the rainbow family IS is fundamentally different. For me, rainbow family IS the human family. I am aware that my words may be impossibly idealistic, but I feel that we can only “succeed” if we leave no one behind. The negativity we see in the world around us is only a reflection of our selves. Love and respect to you, sister. Martin. PS! I know Jonas seeks peace and the fulfilment of visions through natural, unhurried and unpressurised flow. He will re-emerge when he is ready.

      • says:

        Dear Martin! Thank you for response!O would alsp like to have more duscussion on all these important subjects,but right niw Im in San Salvador,and its dark,and Id better go,find my hotel..I requested Jonas e-mail,which I had before,along with many other e-mail addresses,and a list of other Rainbow lands,offered for communal living,but  it all was gone,-stolen with my bags,so can you,please,send me Jonas adress,e-mail,and that brother from Turkey,that also jindly offered us his land,mayne of some others,Id appreciate..I have to make my travel plans fast now..We,I have a lot of work to do2Amd i need to settle at some place for that1.Peace&Love,Spfia    

  25. hanna benker says:

    hi brothers and sister with this vision here:
    I have been in the vision circel in palenque and I took this vision with me and shared it. I would like to buy seeds and get a land here in my area (austria/ germany) and would like you post me with this in “Donations”, that everyone who like to suport me, buying organic seeds and scouting for land can sponsor me. over paypal on: thanks! love

    • that’s awesome, hanna! i’m travelling right now but i will do this as soon as i can! i will send you a personal message first, in a few days. great news! martin

    • sofiarainbow says:

      Dear Martin and Family!I sent Jonas 2 e-mails,from my e-mail address,and someone else¨´s,but so far didnt get any response.I wonder,if theres other way i could reach him,and would appreciate that help-that would save me a trip to Guatemala,maybe,unnecesarily..becourse,I cant waste time,waiting for the rime indefinite..Also,I wonder,if its necesary to send him message only thru Facebook,which I dont deal with..Where are you travelling,Martin,by the way?and what are those great news you got?Peace&Love,Sofia Rainbow

      • Sofia, from what I hear there is nothing specific happening in Mexico just yet but there might be in the future. Jonas is making one place for his blood family and possibly another one to be an RCL in the future. I’m not and don’t want to be in control of Jonas, he will reply whenever he is ready to reply. Martin

  26. Glen Vaughn says:

    I’m contacting you because I’m looking considering joining your local tribe. I’ve got a few friends that’s in process of liquidating assets to possibly buy a cheap sail boat to sail somewhere’s to Central America to do something that your doing and I’m basically going to try and get down there a little sooner.

    We’ve got Greenhouse grow experts, holistic healers, and I created a couple of websites, but a little rusty…I’ve got a background in Satellite Communications, mechanical, renovating home’s, anything electrical, mechanical, and moved to Mount Shasta to grow medicine for myself after 3 years in Iraq, spent 1 year at the south pole to try and cool off after getting PTSD, and found some spirituality that makes me want to let the civilized world go, but hope to maybe get a little SSI Disability for time in Iraq or something to have a little something coming in to assist in the community projects

    ….in spare time, I like being a nut, and jumping out of planes naked….271 jumps, and skiing….got a surf board, but never used it…The real world has been too fast, so looking in ways to slow down….and now something called a pineal gland started opening back up a couple of months back, and just learning what to do with it…..

    other than that…..I’m a very good chef,,,,,and was a volunteer at the Mount Shasta, CA Senior Nutrition Program…. I was also trying to let my local congressman Doug LaMalfa, and Sheriff to allow me to grow 1 Million dollars worth of medicine to “Save the Children” because they lost a 1 million dollars worth of sponsorship funds last year, but they are not going for it…Try and be somewhat of a freedom fighter…so got to do something else now I suppose since they won’t let me make money and started meeting these rainbows out on the trails I was running on, and kind of like the lifestyle of freedom of possessions….except maybe a little bit of it for a few toys, instruments, and stuff….

    I was wondering if you could let me know what area your land is located on and possibly coordinates for google earth unless that would be a violation of local security for individuals who might have wacko governments and family looking for them.?


    • Hey Glen!

      You’re welcome to Costa Rica… the lands are open up to the limit of sustainability, and exactly what that limit is would be hard to say. We jokingly made a consensus in Costa Rica for a limit of 43 people, just to give a rough idea, but in retrospect many of us think that’s too high. I don’t know how many are there right now, it keeps on changing, but I think something like 20. Anyway, just go and check it out! Go with a touch of humbleness and willingness to work and contribute to the common good and I’m sure you’ll receive a warm welcome. It’s everyone’s land! The community decides what is best for the land and the community, and once you’re there you’ll be a part of that process. Be prepared to be self-sufficient in all ways. Sounds like you have a lot to offer with your background… Go to the village of Copabuena near the border with Panama and magic will bring you the rest of the way, it’s only 1km away from the centre. Good luck on your way! Martin

  27. Thanks,Martin for some update on my questions!.What about Guatemala location,as i heard by Lake A_And as for connection with Jonas,I have a feeling,that he just never got any of my 3 messages I sent from different e mail addresses^,including Facebook,but not mine,,as much as I dont want to be overly insistent,but I need to be still persistent,to get it done with my research on those possible lands,one after another,no matter what it takes..Im now pretty close to Guatemala border,in Ataka,ruta de Flores,El Sal.and its tempting to go and check it all out,if nothing better..Where are you yourself,what are up to,Martin,if its not too personal..And do you,or anyone else knows any other info about any Rainbow lands,projects,gatherings in Latin America,and beyond?Id appreciate your response!.Peace/Love,Sofia P.S.I still would like to respond to your and other people letters,concerning other issues,related to Rainbow Communal projects,about our ideas and ideals,visions,etc.but another time,not on the road..As for last letter from Glen,I just would like short comment on some part of it,regarding possibility of having some sailing boat for different good projects..its been another our long time dream,vision to have Rainbow fleet,which I am very interested,excited to support on any level possible,along with Rainbow communal project,as one of the best sustainable,natural ways to travel,and be connected thru the world..If anybody knows any info about the latest on that,and how can I participate,please,let me know!.II also would appreciate any info about cargos,sailing boats from S.Am,and to Africa-Madagskar!Thanks a lot!Love,Sofia

    • Hey Sofia! I don’t have Jonas’ email but he’s on my FB friend’s list. I believe he’s still in Mexico. I know nothing about Guatemala, I haven’t heard of anything RCL-related, at least… other than what Sam brought to the circle in Palenque, but that’s very old news and is not happening… at least not in terms of RCL. About sailboats, I heard that the Kootenay’s part (it was split in 2) of the world gathering in BC, Canada, had a lot of sailboat-people who apparently consensed to go to Portugal in January 2015 to follow the vision of the joint land / sea caravan of the world family. I’m in California right now, my visa runs out at the end of December when I will exit to Mexico. I imagine following the Andes vision at some point next year… Love, Martin

  28. SOFIA RAINBOW says:

    Dear Martin and Family!Thank you for response,though rather late..Ive been now in Guatemala for couple weeks ,mostly .at S.Marcus,Lake A..hoping to find out any info about Jonas,land,commune,Rainbows.,but so far,nothing came out..Its Fabio,our brother from Switzeland,who told me about it,when i was in well,as about other 2 lands in Mexico,one being in Wahaca..Could you,please,try to contact Jonas about the latest on that,,Martin,Id appreciate!.After all,its for the progress,on our vision,project for rainbow communes,,and the time now is crucial to follow it up without postponements!.While im nearby,it would be very appropriate to use our joint effort,and speed it up,and the least,clear it up,whether its possible or not at all,would be good to scout,visit,talk to Jonas about it,if not in Guatemala,then in Mexico,and those of you,who are now in CA,could also join me on that later!.Theres quite big distance between Peru and Mexico,and while we still are here,nearby,lets do our best to work it out here!I have to make this decision,whats next, now!Thank you for cooperation! As for rainbow fleet,its also not quite clear ,how to get hold of anyone,having any resources,or real plans to get it start..Love,Sofia

    • Hey Sofia! My resonses are never late, they are always exactly and perfectly on time. If that doesn’t fit your schedule, I suggest you either change your schedule or your expectations. The latest news are that there will be a caravan heading south from California quite soon which will go to Baja California, then possibly via Jonas’ land in Mazunte, then to Cosmic Convergence on Lake Atitlan, and then possibly a one year anniversary at the CR RCL in March. There might be other caravans too heading south. Scouting will continue in Oaxaca but it’s not completely clear when. The March scout council on Lake Titikaka still stands. A village in Bulgaria has been settled with the purpose of becoming an RCL but they will only be given ownership in 5 years from now. And that’s pretty much all I know for now, but once things are completely clear I will write another “RCL News” blog post on this website, hopefully in about a week’s time. Good luck! Martin

  29. DearRainbow family! Ive been in Mexico now for 3 weeks..On my way to Mazunte,crossing from Guata by the unconvencional route,didnt put a stamp,and got detained by immigration reps,who put me into this detention place in Tapachula(estacion Migratoria Tapachula,Chiapas),and my only 2 options here are-either be sent to Europe,Russia),or apply for asylum to Mexico..I chose Mexico,-mainly to be able to work possibly on our Rainbow commune project in Oahaca,and other places,-but this process would take another 2 months,and more ,and does not guarantee me residency,positive outcome..I dont have access to lawers,and my e-mail,dont have phone #s of anyone,except my brother in Holland,and this is the first time i got access to RCL..I hope,all is well with you all,and you follow the plan,outlined in your last update..I dont want to take anyone´s time,but I would appreciate very much,if anyone could find out the info from legal perspective,-if I have rights for other options,and can continue my travels(as other people here,for example,from Africa,Cuba are allowed to continue their ways,and im the onmly foreighner,who cant,and reduced to those 2 options,or send me phone 3 of some attorney in Mexico.possibly Tapachula..Also,Im allowed to have visitors here,and since I cant receive e-mail.I will be checking your response here,on Forum,but also ,on your way south,–anyone could visit me,maybe help to get out somehow..Ive been working on RWD projects,my Book,etc.,but its hard not to have freedom,-my first time in such of prices to be on Rainbow path,and be committed to it,no matter of any challengers on the way..Peace&Love,Sofia Rainbow

    • I’m so sorry to hear that, Sofia. I’m in Kansas myself right now, but I will forward your message to those who can help. What’s the best way to communicate with you? Can you access your email now? Stay strong! Love to you, hugs, Martin

  30. Thank you,Martin for your response!(and anyone,who could be helpful for my situation in any way) Answering your question,-the only way to communicate with me on distance is this-sending me a letter on this site/comments,and by visitation..What´s the latest important happenings in Rainbow world there(and anywhere you know)?Happy Holidays coming to all Rainbow Family! Peace&Love,Sofia Rainbow

  31. Hey Sofia! Well, I’ve posted most of the news I know of in the blog right here on this website. The caravan south, gathering on Jonas’ land near Mazunte, one year aniversary on the land in Costa Rica and scouting starting in March on Lake Titikaka. Are they treating you well? Did you officially apply for asylum? How long are they planning on keeping you there? All the best… Martin

  32. sofiarainbow says:

    Dear Martin and Family!Thank you for staying in touch!It,s been now almost a month since ive been here,and given only 2 options(deportation to cold Russia,or asylum to mexico,-I chose the last,and yes,-filed an application for that,-which takes many months without any guarantee,,The conditions here are very challenging and emotionally,physically frustrating(thousands of people passing thru,a lot of noises of all kinds day and night,i had several food poisonings,and never had yet access to any attorney,etc)Other foreighners spend only short time here(not saying of all latinoes9,and are set free to continue their destination,that,s for all here is US,but not for me,but ironically,Im not given any other options..I would really appreciate,martin,and anyone,who can help me with anything,maybe visit me on the way south,or before,get some legal service,i could pay,if any financial need,etc.Thank you for your nice important work,contribution,im proud of you,continuing our visionary humanitarian projects,and look forward to be part of all of that,as i always did1Thank you for any help,Peace&Love,Sofia Rainbow

    • Sorry to hear it’s challenging, Sofia… I’m passing on your messages and hoping someone heading that way will be able to drop by. Best of luck, hope the application goes through quickly! Martin

  33. Dear Martin and Family!Thank you again for staying in touch and trying to help me-i hope,some Rainbow Santa would drop by and take me away,so i could celebrate with you all these holidays,-if not Chrystmas,-at least New Year,or any time in the new year!.It’s ironic,that im already nearby,in Mexico.yet “so close,and so far”,and at least telepatically,-Im with you,and just need some miracle,maybe together we could make it happen,Ive been doing my best,but i cant do too much here,- mostly pray and hope to manifest something good..Ive been teaching people here some English,music,dance,yoga,acrobatics,vegan foods,rainbow ways,visions,etc.and try to stay positive,cheer up others,also write my book,work on Rainboworld,but sometimes i get sad,depressed,and also sick lately(from foods here,and can barely eat,considering”hunger strike”.try to get any attorney,but so far,couldnt..I look forward to see you soon!I would appreciate any help very much!Peace&love,Sofia Rainbow

  34. newclay4u says:

    I am sorry you are there… but at the same time I feel you are where Creator put you…really amazing what you are teaching folks. These are ripples that will last forever…Bless you! Sooh much for courage and strength… give praise for what you have to offer to poverty!!! God, lift my sister to the Heavens please…out of depression when it comes! For you are doing the works of “The Kingdom Come” ON EARTH…AS IT IS…IN THE HEAVENS ABOVE…Aho!

  35. Dear Clay,Martin.-all Rainbow Tamily1 Thank you for your encouragement,staying in touch,,appreciation of the work i do ! I thought myself,too,tha might be one of reasons Im here,and I dont mind it,-its somrthing Ive been doing anywhere iII travelled,lived,and part of my Rainbow mission-life long!But I also would like to be with my Rainbow family,especially on these holidays,and gatherings in Masunte,long awaited,work on all our rainbow projects,the latest of which is rainbow communitied,which we launched this year finally,-a vision,dream of rainbow s for many years,and icommited myself to it,and all other rainbow projects,including Rainbow Flleet(im excited to hear,thatthere will be some opportunities next year to cross oceans by water(fboat,ship,cargo? So,I would appreciate,if anyone could stop by,and help me to get out,its hard to do it from incide,without even a lawer..Happy Holidays to all of you!Lets envision and manifest in the New Year all our beautiful dreams and Rainboworld !Peace&Love,Sofia Rainbow P.S.Im still in Tapachula,Estacion Migracion,Mexico,..I could be transferred to rgwe capital,Mexico City,but am not sure,if its better,also for visitation,i still hope,to have-can I count on that,and when realistically?I would appreciate it very much!…

    • hey Sofia! I’ve passed on your comments to the caravan heading south and some of them may be planning to drop by Tapachula… but I don’t know, this is just a rumour. They’re circling in Mazunte as we speak… hopefully something will come out of it. I have no idea if DF is a better option for you, couldn’t possibly comment. Stay strong, good luck! Love, Martin

  36. Dear Martin and Family!Thank you for staying in touch,any possible help!The reason i asked your opinion about other possible location for me,-in Mexico city,D.F.,-wondering,if that would be better location for anyone willing to visit me,dont know the exact route of R.Caravans,others,passing by-to,(or from) south(-north)..and when,approximately,if you know?Theres a crossing to/from Mex.-Guata ,not far from Tapachula,Tecum,I think..thats where its possible to cross by river,as all other locals do,and theres option there of legal crossing,too,as now i know.. For now,I m here,will wait for your response..How its going on so far,im always interested to hear any news. We had here Rainbows couple times,(which I painted),the last one -yeasterday,after the big rain,on Chrystmas day-that¨s always beautiful,exciting,comforting,and a reminder,that Im not alone!I shared about my-our vision of Rainboworld here,at our Celebration,Fiesta here,and gave some concert-dancing,singing the Rainbow songs,among others-“Somewhere over the Rainbow”..Id like to believe,that (to continue the lyrics of that song),-“I will.too,fly-to the Rainbow,(and beyond)-as those blue birds”..(I like watching all kinds of birds,flying here,usually just passing by,and singing with them..)Peace&Love,Sofia Rainbow

  37. P.S.I´d like to just add some more info,concerning legal services here,that I was finally able to reach,-the first attorney,that I got hold of-he didnt speak English,and with only some of my Spanish,-I tried to explain my story,asking him,if i have any other option,my human rights,etc.All he said,that he charges 3000p($300) just for coming to see me here,and for any services-more,with no any hints even,if I have a case,and can win(over gov.-run immigr.establishment,which is heavily supported by its next door neighbour-country,Ive heard)Thats the legal costs here to just start with..All I need to find out,-is,if I can,should even attempt a court procedjure,what are my rights,options-according to International Laws,etc.I would appreciate,if anybody can find out this info,consulting with any immigr.lawer in Mex.And next step would be,-if I have,indeed such rights,options,-to find some good attorney,that I can afford..Its very hard for me to do anything much from inside,and Im sure,-outside-there might be much more options!Thank you,Family,I still look forward to seeing you soon-“somewhere over the Rainbow..” Peace&Love,Sofia Rainbow

    • Hey Sofia! Happy to hear you’re keeping your spirits high and spreading some good vibes! From what I hear the caravan has crossed or is about to cross to Guatemala taking another border-crossing than Tapachula. I have not heard of anyone else with an intention of going to Tapachula. So right now it looks like the help isn’t coming. I can’t imagine taking the Mexican state to court is going to do you any good. Seems like letting the asylum application process run its course is your best or even only choice. Love, Martin

  38. Dear Martin and Family!Thank you for your response,update,though not so promising with visiting,help.. maybe,in the future..But,if Tapachula is not gonna be on the way for crossing to Guata,-for most of people,do you think,- being in the Capital-,Mex.C. would be more convinient?I understand,that people are busy with their lives,cant afford additional expenses,going out of the way,besides,the info about me here,-might not even reach most of people,knowing me,-would it be better to put this info on some other site,page,etc.? I dont want to bother,burden anyone,and dont really count on help,but I think,it would be important,neccessary for us,R.Fam.-to have some “special aid” service,ideally with legal knowledge,strategies,-for any kind of situations,requiring help,assistance..Where are you,Martin,and what are your plans for the nearest future(if I may ask)?How its going with the lands in Mexico,New Years events,where is the date for Crystal Convergence,what about that R.Fleet,or at least a boat,that might be going to C.Amer.,Europe,etc?Happy New Year to all Rainbow Family-with the best wishes manifested-for the Highest Good of all,for Rainboworld! Peace&Love,Sofia Rainbow

    • Sofia, I’m informing people of your situation, cross-posting to other sites. People ARE discussing your situation and something MAY happen. I’m in the north of Mexico right now, on my way little by little to Oaxaca. We’re gathering there for the month of January, kickstarting Jonas’ land and scouting for an RCL. For sure I will talk about your situation at the gathering. I will fly to Europe soonish. I don’t know about Cosmic Convergence… the only thing I know about boats is that some rainbows are preparing for an Atlantic crossing in Florida but I don’t have any details. Happy new year, Sofia, may you find your freedom soon! Martin

  39. Dear Martin and Family! Thank you for the update,and greetings,and spreading this info to others!I hope, you all had nice NY celebration(wherever it was)and started it well! Even here,we had some celebration-danced,sang,drummed..(on self-created “drums”out of anything),and with a new year coming,life continues,bringing new hopes,aspirations..Itwas the first time for me(and most of people here)-to have these holidays,-the most cherished of the year,in place like this,-with no freedom..(not even being able to see the fire works,shooting all around us so loudly),-but we just did our best,-cheering ourselves and each other,holding on,surviving yet another day(and now,-another year..) All the best to all of you,us,again,-in the new year,let all our dreams come true in Rainboworld of Peace,Love and Unity! Sofia Rainbow

    • sofiarainbow says:

      Dear Family! I hope,all is well with you and all your exciting events..I know,you are very busy,but I would appreciate very much,if anybody could send a letter to the director of this institution the letter.explaining the reason for me to come,be in mexico this time-with that schedule of events,invitation to join the R.Gathering in Oaxaca,etc.(that is on Blog:ARCL)The address here:Estacion Migratoria,Tapachula,Chiapas,-to Director-Delegado Jordan de Jesus.Thank you very much1Peace&Love,Sofia Rainbow(my legal name you could refer to him as-Zulfia Bulakova,from Russian federation,thats been here for 52 days for just not putting a stamp in paddport crossing from Guatemala to Mexico)

  40. sofiarainbow says:

    P.S.I also wanted to express my thoughts,ideas about type of land,place for our Rainbow commune in Oaca,Mexico..Im sure,many,if not most of Rainbows would like to have it somewhere by the ocean,and sandy beaches-something like we had last year at our Healing rainbow gathering in Oaxaca-it was perfect,indeed,like paradise(we had it all there-ocean,river,lake,mountains,sandy beaches,privacy)I wonder,if we,in fact,could try to negociate some land there,at same area(I regret,I didnt go to that meeting with the chiefs of that community,but maybe now its possible,still..And there might be soime other similar place somewhere-in Mexico,or elsewhere..Another vision i had for long time-to find some Neutral land anywhere in the world,and create our Rainbow country(according to UNESCO,anybody having a neutral land,water region,-can create their own country..And there are already many such independent mini-countries..Please,make some research on that! I also wonder,if we already have some medium(newsletter,,or on the Internet,that can connect all the Rainbow people in the world,and keep us all informed about all the major events,happening in our world Rainbow community..I also need some help(technical,art design) in finishing my Rainboworld site(that I once started,but didnt fcomplete) How the R.Gathering going on in Oaxaca,and other places,that you know of? As for me,Im still here,but I might stop asylum process any day now,becourse as i found out,it would take even longer,than i thought to process my case(more,than month,or two)and my health is at stake,its getting hard for me to stay here longer..I asked you possibly to write an e-mail,or letter to the director of this place(I dont know thhe e-mail address,but if youd look up on Estacion Migratoria,tapachula,Chiapas,to Directo M,J,Jesus,-you might find it(please,if its not too difficult)Otherwise,I dont have access to him,and dont know even,if my letter,that I wrote him before,-reached him..Thank you for any help,assistance,if you can!Peace&Love,Sofia rainbow

  41. P.S.Here´s an e-mail of this place-to write to its Director.Delegado Jordan de Jesus: Martin,or anyone else,please,write a letter,regarding my case,and just forward the BlogARCLands,so he could see,that I came here only for this RGathering in Oaxaca,and R.Commune,(unlike all others here,who come to cross to US)You could also write a request to release me,becourse Im part of our important projects worldwide,one of leaders-activists for many years on our spiritual movement,Rainbow Path,and dont deserve to suffer for this long,but need to work on our humanitarian projects,etc.My name,according to my passport:Zulfia Bulakova.I would appreciate it very much! Peace&Love,Sofia Rainbow

    • Hey Sofia! I will write a letter to the director tonight in my poor Spanish. I don’t know what you mean by blog ARCL, you would have to give an address. You ask about some medium that can connect all rainbows in the world – yes, is now up and running, you can connect with family there. As you can see, I spend long periods away from the internet so you shouldn’t rely only on me. We are starting scouting in the mountains of Oaxaca these days, it’s hard to grow food on the beach. Best of luck, hope the situation sorts itself out quickly. I don’t know how to send you news if the director responds to me. Martin

  42. sofiarainbow says:

    Dear Martin and family! Thank you for your response!.By Blog:ARCL-I meant your Blog:Alternative Rainbow Crystal Lands,which on Internet gives the whole schedule of upcoming Rainbow events,starting from Mexico to South America..Besides,the request to release me,and give me the same paper,as to all foreigners here(allowing them to stay in Mexico for 20 days more,before leaving it),and continuing their journey wherever they want on,-or at least to send me back to Guatemala,where i came from(according to International laws),-you could send,forward that Blog:ARCL-to support the fact,that my sole reason to come to Mexico was to visit my friends,family-for our RGath-g and R.commune,as part of our spiritual work,important humanitarian,visionary projects worldwide,and give some reference about me,as one of RFamily members for long time,etc.If he would respond to you,-you could simply send the content of it to me the same way-on this site-comments.As for the adress to the director-i already wrote it ,with his name in the previous letters-comments,and can repeat: Estaciom Migratoria,Tapachula,Chiapas,to Director:Delegado Jordan de Jesus.I sent him my letter a while ago,but still dont even know,if he got it,-no access to him-even to women director-Jasmin,who keeps on promising to ask him about my inquiries,but nothing changes..Next week is finally my first interview with “Comar”(org-n for asylum in Mexico),and at the end of next week I was promised by its director-to receive the resolution..But in case of negative res-n,-the price to pay8besides my already 65 days now),-is to stay here for another 15 working days-that means almost tiwice more/month or more.I ask,if I at least wont have to saty for that period,-but it seems as mandatory,followed by deportation,and even that might take longer-till they would find tickets,etc.United Nations Declaration of Hum.Rights says about equal rights of all before the Laws-and obviously,-they are not in this/my case,I feel discriminated,and treated unfairly,though Im the only foreigner from Europe,the oldest,and have heart problems,-which now got worsened,as in general my health,deeply affected,-phisically,emotionally,and psycologically!.Thank you very much for your help!Peace&Love,Sofia Rainbow

  43. sofiarainbow says:

    Dear Martin!I still didnt receive any response from the director,-did you?Please,try to send the letter by e-mail,that i also provided in my previous letters-comments.If anyone could come here,where im still waiting ,-it would be possible to apply for humanitarian visa,please1My asylum for mexico didnt work,and now they will deport me in couple weeks.Peace and lovw,Sofia Rainbow

  44. sofiarainbow says:

    P.S.Today,on 17th of Febr.-some update on my latest..Finally,I got to see and talk to that director(J.Jesus,-what a name!.),yet it didnt change anything..he didnt seem to ever get any letters-from me,and you..and only follows the Laws of this country,as he says..,-so it seems,nothing else can change my situation,and in 15 days or so,Id have to fly to Moscow..where i havent lived for 20 years,only visiting ,and dont have home,close relatives any will be very cold,dont have any warm cloth,and it would be very expensive(most expensive in the world,according to statistics)But thats my destiny now,i guess..There is one slight possibility for so-called”humanitarian visa”,but its also very difficult to obtain,and there has to be someone from outside to apply for it..Dont know,if anyone can come..Hose from Brasil,our”clown,-” visited me only,which was very nice and exciting,but I didnt know then about this requirement for are the news in our Rainbow life,that you know?Did you find a suitable land for R.Com-ty in Oaxaca?I didnt have access to computer lately,so I will read on other sites.But what I learnt earlier,-that first Intergalactic Rainbow Gathering will be in Chili,-in December,2014 If not before,see you there,hopefully! Peace&Love,Sofia Rainbow

    • Hey Sofia! I’m happy Rodrigo went to visit you even if it practically didn’t lead to anything… I’m sorry it’s not working out for you. I haven’t received a reply from the guy in charge down there in Tapachula. Many people are arriving in Costa Rica these days, Jonas is slowly continuing the scouting in Oaxaca which may end up in an RCL some day… and for my part I’ll be soon heading to Europe before going to the Andes. I’m wishing you luck on your path wherever it leads you. Hugs, Martin

  45. Hey,Martin!Thank you for responding,(better late,than never)!.I thouight-I would be gone by now from here to EU,as told,but as of today,-nothing changed yet,perhaps any day soon now..I could reappeal,or try other ways for visa,but it would take months-with no gurantee,and i cant take it any more,though would face other challenges,starting from 20 hours flight on 2 airlines,which i dont like at all,as anything artificual,and no wonder risky,affecting all of life,and can only hope and pray for safe trip,and then for travelling only in natural,safer (by land,and water-we must manifest Rainbow fleet,among other great projects) Did you receive my other comment with request to e-mail some new friend,to inform him about my situation,and maybe he could visit me here,since he has a property in central part of Mex.which he wanted to use for asdhram-commune(maybe it could work for us,too)?.I put it on the other site with Oaxaca R.G.etc.Another request was to try e-mail to that director here(in case you wrote him by mail,which he never got,he said)Anyway,thanks for whatever you could/can,and see you and other rainbows somewhere in the Rainboworld!(even more important to manifest,where among other ideals,-there wont be any borders,visas,places of confinement,any fulish bariers-separating people,any reason to suffer,but only Peace and Joy in Unity!Sofia Rainbow

  46. Charles F. Hosley says:

    I am hoping to contact Sofia Rainbow from here in Hawaii. Please email me at
    There is a buyer for her car who is a very experience immigration attorney!
    Charles F. Hosley

  47. sofiarainbow says:

    Aloha,Chas!What a pleasant surprise to finally hear from you!Im still here,in Estacion Migratoria,Tapachula,Mexico,but I may have to fly to Moscow any day now,its a last chance to see me at this part of the world,and i remember you saying-you may come here in March..Did you keep your other promise?I would appreciate it,especially now, coming to”most expensive city in the world”,that was not in my plans..As for the sale of my car,-if i cant come to Hawaii now for the time indefinite,-I guess,I could consider selling it for fair price,and/or for the legal possibility of coming back to my dolfins,and my other good friends,if i still have them..-this is a good time to prove it!.I will try to call you,though it was”out of service” lately..I would appreciate any good “service”you can offer!.This is the only way to communicate with me for now,I cant use e-mail..Peace&Love,Sofia

  48. Dear Rainbow Family!Thank you for your letters and efforts to help me!Im now in Moscow,Russia(2nd day now)-its quite chilly,but sunny..I try to readjust,readopt here again,-on all levels..,dont know yet whats next for me from here,but I will know that hopefully soon..Stay in touch,see you at some R.G-s,communes thruout the world!If anybody has the e-mail,or adress of our from Turkey/Austria,who offered us/me his land for possible commune in Turkey,pplease,send it to me-I could go and check it out,and anywhere else-similarly!.Peace&Love,Sofia Rainbow P.S.You can contact me also by my e-mail(

  49. haydeh says:

    Hola!! me gustaria escribir en ingles..pero tal vez alguien pueda hacerme la traducción más abajo……escribo desde chiapas, México,( San Cristobal de las Casas) .Hemos creado un proyecto al que le hemos llamado “Liberando tierras”, dos hermanitos del rainbow nos hablaron de este proyecto “Crystal Land”, como proyectos hermanados……ya sabemos, que a veces, en la historia de la humanidad, los conocimientos se han compartido de manera sincronizada en diferentes partes del mundo. Espero que puedan checar nustra wep site( y ponerse en contacto con nosotr@s, para poder ir creando redes de apoyo mutuo, porque junt@s nos hacemos más fuertes. Yo, en lo personal he asistido a varios gaderings en diferentes continentes, y se que la familia raimbow abarca todos los colores. Esperamos prontas noticias, gracias!!

    • Gracias, Haydeh! Parece una coneccion muy, muy interesante! Voy a copiar tu mensaje y mandarlo a Jonas en Mazunte que esta buscando un Crystal Land en Oaxaca.

      Here is a rough translation of the message from Haydeh:

      “I’m writing from Chiapas, Mexico (San Cris). We have created a project called “Freeing Land”. Two brothers from rainbow told us about RCL which seems like a twin project. We already know that sometimes in the history of humanity, knowledge has been shared in synchronized ways in different parts of the world. I hope you’d check out our website ( and get in touch with us to create mutual support networks, because together we are stronger. I have assited in various gatherings in different continents and I know that the rainbow family includes all the colours. Awaiting news.”

      So I have sent this to Jonas in Oaxaca and I will post it in the forum.



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