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155 comments on “Contact

  1. Tzivia says:

    Hola, soy de México la siguiente semana estaré en Costa Rica y me gustaría conocer esta comunidad, viajo con pocos recursos pero soy entusiasta y puedo ayudar en lo que sea. Soy estudiante y me dedico a cuestiones ambientales, en espera de una pronta respuesta, le mando saludos cordiales.

    • Hola! Disculpa ese repuesto muy atrasado… espero que encontraste la tierra y que tierra te encontro! Es cerca del pueblo Copabuena en Costa Rica… suerte! Martin

      • Lina Ortega says:

        Hola! soy colombiana, me llamo Lina. Me gustaría ayudarles con la traducción del francés y del inglés al español 🙂 . También me gustaría que me dieras información sobre la tierrra cristal de Costa Rica, porque tengo muchas ganas de ir en Diciembre! Mi correo es .. Amor y luz para ti hermanito 🙂

      • Hola Lina! Bienvenida a costa rica, la tierra es 1 km del centro del pueblo Copabuena. Es muy facil encontrarla. Si quieres ayudar con la traduccion, puede traducir la Declaracion de Intention Comun version TRES en la pagina “Background”? Es muy similar que version DOS pero hay unos cambios! Gracias! Martin

      • Marissa says:

        Donde esta Copabuena? En el Golfo Dulce?

      • Cerca de la frontera de Panama. Entre Cuidad Neily y San Vito. Suerte. Martin

  2. sofia says:

    Dear Rainbow family! whoever knows info about turkish R.G..Please,send me map/directions of Middle East Turkey-I will be leaving tomorrow from Ural mnts in russia,where we had R.G.-to sochi by black sea,then a ferry scross to Turkey,etc.peace&love,Sofia

  3. Virginie says:

    I called from France, and I would like to come to the rainbow gathering in Hongaria, I am leaving soon. Please send me the address. Love V V

  4. Ami says:

    Hola! estuve en el Rainbow Crystal Land hace un año. Me quedé sólo unos días.
    Me estoy planteando de volver, pero no sé exactamente cual es la situación.
    Sigue en pie el proyecto? Hay actividad?
    Gracias!! Ami

    • Hola Ami! No se muy bien que pasa ahorita, no estoy ahi. Puedes preguntar en el “forum”, si tienes FB? Las ultimas noticias que recibi, hace un mez, es que hay unos guerreros quedando en la lluvia y nececitan mas energia. Mucha gente trabaja en California, seguro que llega un monton en deciembre / enero. Gracias! Martin

  5. ivo says:

    family im going to Canarie Islands LAs Palmas in few days . I woud like to join to the family there somebody told me about some cristal land in Canaries. Give me some information pls . 653 122 825 my name is Ivo .

  6. meru says:

    hola family, my partner and i are living in costa rica and traveling all around. our adventures will lead us to rainbow crystal land by january or february. we are excited to spend time with you all and share healing. any travelers that want to join up with us get in touch with me. we are currently on the caribbean side!

  7. Aho!
    Sou Rafael e atualmente moro em Maceió, Alagoas, Brasil. Desde que conheci o Encontro Arco-íris tenho a intenção de aproximar-me mais da Familia Arco-íris pois já sinto uma conexão de pensamento e ideias com a Declaração de Intenção Comum e com a ideia do Encontro das Tribos Arco-íris. Gostaria de saber se há a tradução dessa declaração completa para o português e me colocar disponível para realizar esse trabalho junto de vocês.

    I’m Rafael and I’m living in Maceió, Alagoas, Brasil. Since I got to know the Rainbow Gathering, I’ve had the the intention of getting closer to the Rainbow Family, after all, I already feel a conection of ideias and thoughs with the DCL and the idea of the Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes. I’d like to know if is there any complete translation of the DCL to the Portuguese language, if not, I’d like to be at your disposal to work together on translating.

    Martin, I’ve lost my acess to the Rainbow site. I got really sad about that, I liked the site and helped on translating it to Protuguese, but it seems not to be working. Do you know what happened?

    • Oi Rafael!

      Version 3 of the Declaration of Common Intention has not yet been translated to Portuguese, feel free! seems to be permanently down after the focalizer gave up. I don’t know the full story.


  8. * says:

    dear ones …aho – aloha – namaste . . . the synchronistic aspects of the great mystery guide me to connect . please contact me for the true message to be shared and for a more ‘intimate’ communication . perhaps through skype… ? it might be a sharing of a great gift…. ……love&peace . .

  9. StEvEn says:

    Once again… forgive me for taking up space, but a concern it seems necessary to address is… we, too, need time to become ‘sustainable’ …just as our relationship to the land, and the land itself. It takes time to make a ‘permaculture’ …and in the meantime one must supplement the needs with transitional steps… This is perhaps the conundrum of living in the twilight of a ‘paradime’ …yet the issue becomes increasingly critical as the time for transition is constantly shortened…

    I guess it may just be necessary to be prepared to make some compromises …for the ultimate vision. After all, it is faultless…!

  10. Hola Familia! Hello Family!

    My name is Rio and I’m happy to say that rainbow has positively changed my life for the better! I went to my first rainbow gathering in Montana, USA summer of 2013 where I joined the Bicycle Rainbow Caravan to British Columbia, for the 2013 World Rainbow Gathering… This is when I began pedalling the globe. From British Colombia I pedalled most of the way back to my home state of California where I stayed with some family friends in Marin County, CA. I couldn’t imagine life off the road in the city anymore so I saved up money and began pedalling south towards you guys!! Since Northern Cali Ive been pedalling and I’m currently in Quintana Roo Mexico.. Part of my reason for deciding to make my destination the Crystal Land was because many of my rainbow family friends I made last year went to the gathering that occurred there earlier this year. Also my friend Michael Troyer who was a part of the Rainbow Caravan and my other friend Just One who I met on rainbow lake B.C spent some time there earlier this year as well.. I decided to take an extra long route and so I’m quite a bit behind my original timetable. I was going to wait until I got closer to ask where the Crystal Land is located, however my brother Sunny and some of his cycling companions are in southern Nicaragua, and at least my brother would like to possibly spend some time there to wait for me.. I plan on dedicating a few months at least to live on earth time, and help, learn, grow, offer my hands, heart, mind, and soul! I imagine I will be arriving in Costa Rica sometime in early 2015! Until then it would be cool if my bro and some road companions we made can get a bit of rainbow love too! I hope to hear back from you. Aho!


  11. Holá
    I’m coming to costa rica around new year 2015. I’ll hope I find u guys overthere.

  12. Mystic says:

    Looking for rainbow family or community in Israel…

  13. Anton says:

    Looking For Alternative Minded Creatives to Join a Worthy Land Purchase Community funding Project. We have an International Alternative Television Channel Franchise,and a Channel that is nearly ready to Launch on SKY Europe. At least Two or more People are needed before we can apply for the license. Work imput will be online based to a Cloud Management System from almost anywhere in the World,but specifically someone who can sell Advertising from a Europe locate is needed. The Channel once launched will be utilised to fund International alternative & humanitarian projects. 5 Star Film Company Ltd U.K & Hungary.

    • That was quite cryptic, Anton… what are you asking for exactly? I’m working on a number of independent film projects myself and I don’t see how I could fit more work in, but I’ll hear you out. Martin

  14. The Channel was ready to launch on the European SKY Network last autumn when two of the necessary compliance officers dropped out to seek immediate employment. Its tough finding unemployed broadcasting people but there may be a small company that wants to collaborative to co launch the channel. 12 Weeks of program content has already been scheduled and there is a contract ready with a professional broadcast management firm in london who will uplink and play out the channel.

    • Ok, thanks! So what are you looking for, what do you need? Martin

      • Hi Martin, We need a Press P.R Person who knows the business,or at least can be trained,and more importantly an Experienced Television Advertising Sales Pro. Basically someone who is eloquent and understands Ad People speak. The OFCOM License requires that we have on board 4 compliance officers who will represent the Channel for the licensing authority,they need to be a Traffic Manager,Producer,Press officer and Advertising Sales Rep, If You would like to befriend the Channel or become a collaborate and learn about our future Charity Sponsorship plans,You can do so at

      • Haha, I used to do continuity for Viasat, which included checking that everything was according to OFCOM regulations. What a shame you have to put energy into selling advertising. I’m living a happy life in the mountains of Mexico very far from all this… of course I also need to make a living but not at any price. I wish you luck in your search for the right person. Martin

  15. Hi guys!
    I’m a photographing, filming, writing, and yoga teaching yogini looking to immerse myself in more projects like these. I would like to know more about your future plans and projects so I can potentially join you on the journey toward unity and consciousness. I’m here to heal, create and capture. To seek out healers and learn. To forever serve our one soul of consciousness. I’m currently in Sweden Europe but interested to know about all events coming up.

  16. Dear friend(and if you are one of our Rainbow family,-brother)! My name is Sofia–Ive been on Rainbow path for many years now,and also have been travelling the world(more than 100 countries now)and currently Im in Russia,Bashkiria now. there will be EU Rainbow Gathering in Estonia this summer,and World R.G.will be in Egypt in December.(and thruout the whole summer-bunch of other R.G-s in EU and the world,for ex.Middle Eastern R.G. -iusually in Turkey,-this year, I heard will be in Georgia,by Black sea,needs confirmation) Ive been also looking for travelling companion and the knowledge of photography,film,-is a plus..I have varity of interests,besides being prof.musician,teacher/interpreter of foreign languages,healer-therapist,journalist(writing a book,that needs good pictures)Im in the process of making final plans for my next travels-that could include Europe,Africa and much more.. You are welcome to join! Sofia

  17. Thank you for your nice response,I will e-mail you soon! Peace&Love,Sofia

  18. Gabriel de Jager Ottaviani says:

    Hola family! Beautiful to see so many of you around…light is everywhere! I wanted to ask more information about everything that has to do with the Rainbow in Ecuador, Colombia & Peru. I’m writing a research thesis for the University of Quito, and investigating to what degree ecovillages are a solution for the ecological, social and spiritual crisis in the world.
    I also offer my house in Quito for brother & sisters…
    Much light to all!

  19. Yeh,thanks for your judgements Martin,back in 1970 I lived the carefree life,dropped acid moved from festival to festival,and where did it get me<? Poverty! now I seem to have reincarnated an Abundant Life Master who doesnt want to be involved with creating no transformations in this life,I want to be able to squeek the billions from the Advertising Industry and establish a disaster Relief Fund,because earthquakes are going to being to happen big time. Now thats because the earth is only a think crust which gets thinner every year,and its full of molten lava,which churns around and around creating the earth electro magnetic field. Now if there were more freaks like me in this world who wore the mantle of the abundant life yet still can be happy living in a tipi,rather than glorifying poverty,then more people could be helped in Nepal. Now i get it with the cynicism bit, but can any bugger be bothered to find out about the charity plan by visiting the website or are we all so smug in satisfying our selfish selves?

  20. All in jest,i hope you are not taking life too seriously< Do You want to take a look at the new site and code up your map?

  21. luca Riley says:

    I my name is Luca I post a message in the blogposth in this site, i come FROM Barcelona, I want to elp you a long term , i exspet in construccion end eco farm food end horses, and more .NOW I in the Caribean Dominicana, I stay here18 ,before I in India Bangalore, now im in dispocion in travel and I have posibility to go family Rainbow in this months or june if you like i come .Tanks big abrazo

  22. Anton says:

    Login at the collaboration site,if you want to be involved with organising,cooperation,real contacts,voice conferencing,rather than plonking words in text and disappearing like vanishing ghosts

  23. Anton says:

    You are welcome to stay at zalaapati,hungary Luca. Got some acreas of land and don’t know what to do with it,maybe grow lavender if I can get some help

  24. A says:

    Wrong Address above. This is the correct one.

  25. Mari says:

    Hi, I’m Mari, ahora en Chile, i saw there is a rainbow now in Peru (san miguel de el faique), is it really happening? until when is it possible to come? and where can i have a “map” to find the way?
    Muchisima gracias, love

  26. Dear Family!Im now in Poland-in-between R.G-s,and while Im still here,I would like an info with contact adress,phone3,etc,-about the lands,offered us for Rainbow communes here,_as I have known about at least one land offer last year by some Polish brother_that was on this site(but I could not find it right away,and would appreciate that info as soon aspossible_thank you very much! As for Peru R.G.-it also was on this site-try to trace it back..Also,any ibfo about any lands for our ACRLands/communes project_in Europe and anywhere on the world_let me/us know(I try to focaLISE wORLD rAINBOW cARAVAN,GOING TOWARDS aFRICA_AND FURTHER ON,AND W.e will be working on all our most important peojects on the way!Peace&Love,Sofia

  27. Maruška says:

    Hi Family! I would look to Hungary to community. What is there now? Is there someone from Czech? Thank you. Love and Peace..

  28. Chloé says:

    Hola Familia, soy Chloé de Belgica y estoy super curiosa de conoceros, vuestra energia y vuestros proyectos me animan muchissimo! I will be in Costa Rica at the middle of febrero ((First I’ll travel in Nicaragua) and If there is some space for me I will be really happy to share a little time with you and be part of your familiy 🙂 Love, Chloé

  29. david says:

    hey looking for rainbow people.
    is it possible to come visit rcl in costa rica around november? backpacker style ?
    what is your location 😀 is it good to sleep outside in costa rica at november 😀
    thank you 🙂

  30. Hello Maruska! Iam a half Czech half English Film Director living in Hungary near Lake Balaton,if you look at the Alternative World Map, you can see that i have a World Travellers lodge with 2 acres of land in Zalaapati. I live there there half the time and the rest of the time in England,that is when the neibuirs plunder my wood or the fruit or crops, so i dont mind having visitors to stay for a while if you are interested let me know. SKYPE address is star_films. Regards, Anton

  31. Dear Family! Anyone knows about R.G-g in Morocco that was supposed to be in December,now?Any other African R.G-s,except Egypt?Directions there were not yet placed either,and how to get there by land,or sea from South of Spain? Thank you for any peace of info!Peace&Love,Sofia

  32. StEvEn says:

    Somewhere, Over the Rainbow …is the fairy tale almost everyone seeks. Here in the S Pacific island of Espiritu Santo one may well be tempted to think one has come as close to heaven as one gets… but here we also have a mission, we are engaged in survival for our children – are you ready for that? …in order to complete transcendence into the fifth dimension/world, we are inviting help with the ‘children’, to protect them. Those who understand the task will recognize themselves …and the role they can play in it. so check it out, go to – LovingKindness.

  33. Mariana says:

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  34. Hello wonderful people! First of all I want to thank you for doing such great work and I like to invite you to a weconomy worldmap which I vocalize to co-create together with other creatures living a world in balance so that our worldmap will be full of love in the nearest future! Just take a look and connect with your humblest being online, offgrid, wherever the Great Spirit is with(in) you!


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