rainbowcrystalland.org goes live!

Phase 1 of the development of rainbowcrystalland.org has been completed and a basic form of the website is ready to be used. Everything related to RCL will now move from thealternativenow.wordpress.com to rainbowcrystalland.org, meaning that thealternativenow.wordpress.com is no longer the official communication channel for RCL! Rainbowcrystalland.org is the fulfillment of our vision for a “Common RCL Website”, consensed at the RCL in Costa Rica two years ago.

I urge everyone to start making use of the new website right now.

It has been developed by a team of volunteers, most notably Santi from Argentina and Henri in Poland. I have written the content for it, based on the content of The RCL Handbook. The domain name is registered to Henri’s land foundation in Poland, which is the closest thing we so far have to an “RCL Organization” and therefore the safest bet, and the site lives on Henri’s own server. You can donate money to Henri for the upkeep of the website through the donation page on rainbowcrystalland.org.

As of right now, Henri is the main administrator for the site. I might stay on as an admin for a while. This is not ideal, the vision of this website is that it should be as communal as possible. How do we do this? By having ‘wiki-style’ editing of pages by any user? By letting any admin add other admins that are personally known to them? (Which might leave the website very vulnerable to attacks.) Or could we develop an ‘admin-light’ type of user account that allows invited users to edit the site without having access to the most critical server settings? Whatever the solution, let’s find it together in the forum of rainbowcrystalland.org.

Right now, rainbowcrystalland.org gives us:

  • A basic display of information, such as the Declaration of Common Intention.
  • A donation page that accepted RCL communities / Scouting Missions can use to receive donations.
  • A “News” blog, much like the one you are reading now. All RCL-related blog posts from thealternativenow.wordpress.com have been imported into “News” on rainbowcrystalland.org in order to keep the (web) history of this project intact. (In the forum, go to “Common Website” and then “News” to discuss what should be published here.)
  • Most importantly, a real forum! This will no doubt help us in our communication. The forum has been divided into categories and subcategories, such as “RCL Communities” > “RCL Costa Rica”, to give each land a new way to communicate. Right now the display of the categories is not very intuitive, this will hopefully be improved in a future update. I suggest that any further decisions about the website should happen through discussions in the forums (or, of course, in circles in the RCL Communities – the RCLs should get whatever web solution they want! This website has been made to support the communities and they are ultimately in charge of whatever happens on the internet!)

In the future, rainbowcrystalland.org might give us:

  • A database of RCL Communities around the world
  • Profile pages for Communities and Scouting Missions
  • User-selectable privacy levels
  • User-editable pages?
  • Translation tools (the website currently only exists in English, unfortunately)
  • A Global Consensus tool
  • Enhanced communication capabilities
  • A user-created Knowledge Base
  • FAQ
  • A web shop for the communities
  • …and whatever else we can dream up!

This will not be done BY some people FOR others, it should be a real communal effort. Whether or not you have any technical skills, your input in the forums will be highly appreciated. If you DO have web development skills, please go to the “Common Website” > “Volunteer Developers Portal” to help implement the changes and new features the community wants. All admins and developers should always act in the best interest of 1) all RCL Communities and 2) the community of users on the website.

After 2 years of RCL learning experiences we may want to start a discussion on the future of RCL in the RCL > Vision/DCI forum?

So what will happen with thealternativenow.wordpress.com?

The website was set up in 2012 to publish the article The Alternative, which, from my personal perspective, was a precursor to RCL. The website was consensed as the official communication channel for RCL at the talking circles in Palenque in 2012. From my point of view the creation of RCL was a fulfilment of one of the aspects of the vision of The Alternative. The other part of the vision of The Alternative is the creation of a huge website which would include The Alternative Map of the World, an example of which can be found on the Map page of thealternativenow. So I suppose the only reason for the continued existence of thealternativenow would be to support the fulfilment of this second part of the vision.

Looking at the map now, two years later, I must say I am quite surprised at the usefulness of it and I see that it has a great potential if developed properly. There is a lot of interesting information on it, but also some junk, such as tourist sites. It could be cleaned up if anyone feels like it. I will for now leave the map as it is, it is completely open and editable by anyone with a google account, though I am playing with the idea of making it static in order to protect what is already there, in the future. The password of thealternativenow, which was shared with many people, has now been changed.

I offer the idea of The Alternative Map of the World as an open source and non-copyrighted idea for the benefit of the world. If anyone seriously feels like developing it, I can offer a limited amount of energy to it. Contact me or leave a comment on the Contact page of thealternativenow.

I created a facebook group as a “Forum” for thealternativenow, it now has 2000 members and has become a bit of a mess. Now that we have forums on rainbowcrystalland.org I strongly suggest closing down the facebook group, it is not needed anymore. I believe the only information that should be rescued from that group and perhaps collected in the RCL Costa Rica forum on rainbowcrystalland.org, are photos from the RCL in Costa Rica. Volunteers?

If we close the FB group, The Alternative Map of the World would no longer have a forum, but it is probably not necessary. Could anyone host The Alternative Map of the World forum? Could a “Non-RCL” category be created on rainbowcrystalland.org with the subcategory “The Alternative Map of the World”, or would that distract from the real purpose behind rainbowcrystalland.org?

It is my intention that this is my last RCL blog post on thealternativenow. I wish for rainbowcrystalland.org to somehow be completely community-run and I wish to remove myself as some kind of “RCL spokesman”. Thank you for following this blog, all the feedback and interest has been truly inspiring. See you on rainbowcrystalland.org!

With love


(This will be cross-posted on rainbowcrystalland.org. A Spanish translation would be very helpful.)


RCL Peru – New Vision

Beloved Sisters, Beloved Brothers,

As the time for our three month Seed Gathering is approaching (starting May 18th), the light fibers with which we have been weaving our dream are receiving density in their process of materializing. And so does the vision.
It is most urgent now to visualize the future of our new Earth Civilization in a crystal clear way, to bring its realization into process. But at the same time, we should not forget to recognize the exact state of our society, as it is now. In the unseen layers of our reality, the transformation is evolving very fast and deep, while in the physical reality, our society in general is still not aware of the changes. This means, we can not picture our future vision without paving a solid, realistic path allowing it to unfold in its most perfect way, while atuned in harmony to the reality from which we wish to arise.
As to the spiritual aspect of this path, it is the essence of the change, the most crucial part, but at the same time, the only part we can only experience truly once the community gathers and rediscovers its great mystery together. The social aspect is very complicated, and can be better understood through the economical aspect, so let us first start with the economical part, which is the basis for everything.
As we all know, we can´t change our economical system at once from a money controlled economy to a love currency economy as the fountain of all our basic needs. The huge question that arose in me lately, was: How can we pave the path from coin currency to love currency in the quickest, most harmonious and abundant way? We can not compromise on our vision, this is clear to me, but we won´t get anywhere without recognizing and embracing our current reality, to be able to transform it with us. Eventually, the reality we live in is our starting point! So a very clear vision arose in me, to create clarity in this complex matter, because the last thing that should happen is that our vision should get confused, lost, or unachieved because we are too busy trying to fit it into the crooked box of our reality, only to allow it to get into life and start function in some sort of a way. As we enter into a more interdimentional reality, I thought the way to confront this problem might be in living various realities at the same time. This is how our primal vision divided into three parts.
This is the place which starts in the heart (Sonqo) of each one of us, to unfold like a flower, slowly but undisturbed. This is the place where we should never compromize on our highest dream, our highest excitement, our highest truth. Through the social interconnections in the community we should learn how to unfold this precious flower and slowly master each aspect of it. Only when ready may we start to build a physical place to embody our vision. In that place, as we envision it, no money will appear in any shape. We will build our community out of the natural resorces of our mountain forest, nourish our bodies with what we harvest, only, heal ourselves with herbal medicine, educate ourselves and our children inside the community, use no chemical materials, not even plastics in our households, and live with the energy provided by love currency. We should also use only the newest tecnolegy, when available, which has no harmful radiation. (crystal tecnology?!…) This should be a place where each permanent member of the community will express and live their own purpose of life, their own dream and vision on the personal level. On the social, comunal level, each permanent member would be fully dedicated to create and hold the comunal vision, while seeing it as their most important life task, and bring it down to the earthly way of living and cocreating. On the cosmical level, each permanent member would seek the spiritual wisdom, by interacting lovingly with the different conciousnes in the cosmos, and in nature, (also the physical embodied children of mother earth, including the human being.) We would be an active part in creating an intergalactical, interdimentional civilization.
As the sun pours down its golden light on us and the whole creation, we should open a space where we share our light – the light of the Sonqomanta – the Rainbow Crystal Land vision – with our suroundings. This shall be the Intycurry center, a place of interconnections, a place to exchange wisdom, teachings and talents. A place where the old world is lovingly invited to join us and taste a fragrance of a utopic way of living. We shall not charge money nor pretend to earn money in any way. Instead we shall trade and exchange, either goods, or time. We shall offer permaculture and different art workshops. The locals, or other visitors who want to participate, shall offer something in exchange, whether goods they produce, work they can help us to do, or something they would want to share and teach us in return. Nevertheless, money might be used, collected with the magic hat, or by donations, to buy what we need and can´t provide ourselves nor receive in exchange with our visitors. We might use solar energy to provide electricity for the use of computers in a little center for that cause, and may need to use other electronical devices.
Intycurry is the place where we first learn how to create Sonqomanta.
Intycurry will also have a feminine part, recognized by the qualities of the moon. This feminine part would be a place to come and look inside oneself in search of healing. We should learn how to heal our body, soul, and spirit, using only the medicine of plants, music, colours, imagination, meditation, contemplation and love. This place might be open to work with master plants in a limited/guided way, and to make vision quests, retreats, temazcales, etc. It would be open for anybody to participate and exchange something they offer.
This center has two goals. First of all, its purpose is to come down to the places where the old world has its strongest grasp, where violence, poverty, injustice, suffering and slavery to money are very strongly present. We wish to bring light, joy and hope to the people living in that reality, especially to the street children – becauce our children are the future! The second goal is to provide money to help evolve the community through the process from coin currency to love currency, and help us move around the planet to share and collect more wisdom.
In this center we will have a permeculture complex built out of wood, with a vegan, partly organic, partly crude restaurant, a fare trade shop with the products of our community and the products of the street children, a kitchen providing the food for sale and for the restaurant and a place for workshops to teach the street children music, arts, permetulture, etc. We would provide the same workshops for the people living in the city, but will charge them a bit. We will make music concerts, theater and circus shows, lectures to share very important information (the lectures should be for free). There will be a dormitory for the permanent members of the community and the visitors to stay and a backyard with permaculture beds. We recognize it will be necessary to have a person living and working there as the heart of his life. A person who is less interested in the community itself.
The question is: How will all of this work together?
The answer is not very simple. The crucial part of this vision is not to forget to see it as a union, division is for clarity, not for separation. I found it important to make a division between the heart of the community  – Sonqomanta, and the Intycurry center, to make it possible for people to choose at what level of intensity they wish to be part of the community. It does not mean, however, that Sonqomanta will not be 100% open to any kind of visitors or allow them to be part of the desicions being made. It only means, that the deep processes of the heart of the community would be made by those who truly choose it. It is important to add that physically there is quite a distance between Intycurry and Sonqomanta, because the natural suroundings of Intycurry are not big enought to contain a 100% self-sustainable community. Sonqomanta, however, when being built, will be the place where the community would take all their decisions. (For now, the first building we started building, is placed in the Intycurry center, and this is where we will start experiencing community life.)
Please remenber we are only sharing this vision because we feel the urge to share what is on our hearts. We are sure there are many things we have not concidered deeply enough and we are positive this vision will change and transform as we will create the community.
You are most welcome to enrich us with your inspirations, and come and make our dreams come true together!
Your brother Jaguar and your sister Ruth
[Spanish translation most welcome!]

Message from RCL Costa Rica


MESSAGE FROM COSTA RICA RAINBOW CRYSTAL LAND: The family has reached two consensuses! First consensus: We currently cannot accept guests on the land, only volunteers. It has been decided that family who can stay for a minimum of at least a week can stay to aid the land. This was a very hard consensus to reach because we as a Family welcome all members of our Tribe, but the land needs more time to develop before we can be a completely open community. If we let people in before the land is ready, development will remain stagnant and only hurt the land. We need focus on gardening, building structures, permaculture. Too many times, the land has become overwhelmed by large numbers of people that are merely present for visiting, personal healing, or stumbling upon the land by chance. (Personally, I think our medicine songs about feeling the heartbeat of the Earth is not a mere sentiment…we must pay attention to what is aiding our Mother. Self sustainability is not merely about feeding ourselves. Gardens are here to heal the Earth.)

Second consensus: The water supply is the main basis to decide max capacity (how many people can be on the land at one time). It fluctuates heavily due to rainy and dry season in Costa Rica among other things. Currently, the max capacity is at 21. Please spread the word Family. We are seeking semipermanent to permanent residents to help aid the development of the land. Rainy season is approaching…THE LAND IS CALLING FOR LOVE! Olivia (Translation into Spanish is welcomed as well.)

RCL Hungary

About a month ago we received a message from Miklos with an update from the up-and-coming Crystal Land in Hungary. He has agreed to us posting a summary on this website.

Miklos says that he and a Czech friend have successfully lived through the cold, short days of winter on the land itself. They have built some basic structures and are now constructing a second yurt as communal accommodation.

Right now each person on the land is responsible for their own economy, personal money is needed in order to survive. Miklos hopes this will change in the near future.

Miklos has a feeling that the community will not be limited to the people living within the boundaries of the land. So far, they have exchanged with the neighbouring farm and people in the nearest village, through common activities, helping out and taking care of each other.

They are still searching for a clear resolution on the legal side of things. The land continues to be owned by four Hungarian rainbows who are difficult to bring together, even if they are generally in support of this project.

What is needed to help this Crystal Land grow?

More people! A community!

More specifically, according to Miklos, people who are talented and creative, who know what they want in life and do it! People who have some skills in building a community and who are prepared to join in this process for a while…

The truly beautiful 10.5 hectares of land offer everything that is needed for a community to thrive. There are 4-5 water sources with great quality drinking water, a river, a mature forest with an abundance of firewood and several meadows bathed in sunshine. Miklos believes this high potential ecosystem can sustain up to 20 people without harm.

500 metres away, on the neighbouring farm, there is a Waldorf / Steiner school, which is a real blessing for families.

In the protected meadows on the land, the possible legal activities include animal husbandry (horses, sheep, goats, cows, buffaloes), the collection of medicinal plants, etc. With the envisioned creation of a communal workspace where products can be processed, this gives great opportunities to generate local abundance and a communal income which can support a community.

They also have a Ford Transit on the land, which again will become useful when the road dries up and if someone with a driver’s licence arrives. (It will be in use over the summer by the Sushi Caravan.)

Any donation received will be used to upgrade and create new basic structures, such as showers, shelters and kitchen.

Miklos’ email: sziivaarvaany@gmail.com

Miklos has also agreed to publicise directions to the land. There are two ways to get there – on foot from the north, 5km from the nearest village Bakonybel. We do not have these directions. Secondly – by car from the south, 12km from the nearest turnoff on the highway:

  • From the city of Herend, take highway 8 west.

  • 100m before the km 71 marker, turn right (follow sign to “Elo Bolygo”)

  • Go straight until the end of the asphalt. At the big farm turn right onto a dirt road, possibly 4WD only depending on the season (follow sign to “Elo Bolygo”).

  • Go straight for a couple of kilometres until you reach a big hill, follow the ridge to the left.

  • After a few kilometres, pass the neighbour’s house on the left (the best way to maintain good relations is by not stopping here).

  • Immediately after the house, turn left.

  • After 300m, in the middle of the field, a barely visible track on the right will take you to the entrance of the RCL, another few hundred metres down the road.

Welcome to Hungary!



RCL Peru


COMMUNITY SEED GATHERING (Rainbow Crystal Land Intention) – INTI RAYMI


[RCL status: Land ownership status is still unclear, check news on thealternativenow.wordpress.com blog before the gathering]

Beloved brothers and sisters of the heart! We are living in the dawn of Mother Earth´s rebirth – the time of the prophecy has come, the rainbow is glowing in all its colours. Let us all unite as one heart, of one mother, in one love! It is time to manifest the vision in community. Therefore we invite you to join us at the Inti Raymi (celebration of the sun) this following year of 2015 at the Community of Sonqomanta in northern Peru!


We are located at an altitude of about 1400m in a subtropical land abundant with water, flora, fauna and life. The temperatures are pleasant, between 13°-35°. The main village, capital of the district San Miguel de El Faique is about two and a half hours by foot down the mountain. The closest village is a one hour walk away. At the moment we are building our first house at the very entrance of the land and nourishing our vegetable garden which then nourishes us! Once a week I make some Permaculture and card-weaving workshops with the locals, and receive in exchange some of their harvest – mainly bananas, fruits and corn, or their help to build our house. We hope to continue working together to create a paradise on earth!


The impulse for the Community Seed Gathering at Sonqomanta is our heart-wish for the energies of human love and intentions to blossom at our sacred land of Manirka. The mountain is waiting to be initiated. Our galactic brothers and sisters from the stars, beings of pure love, have already set foot on the sacred sites of the mountain of Manirka, waiting to cooperate with us. The spirits of the mountain have accepted us with grace. We are blessed. Pure spring water are nourishing our seeds, bodies and souls; beautiful ancient trees and vegetation give us shade, pure air, fruits, fibers to weave and wood to build. Amazing birds and wild animals surround us to share their medicine with us. The only thing missing to start community life, is you. (Sonqomanta is at its first steps of creation, since we are only two!)


Our vision for the gathering arose from the heart of the rainbow vision, with new impulses towards the manifestation of a permanent community. Therefore, the concept of freedom has to transform from flower to fruit. This is the natural flow and cause of growth. At the rainbow gatherings born from the hippie movement of the 60s, the manifestation of the rainbow prophecy was in celebrating the blossoming of love and freedom for one moon cycle out in nature; the rainbow vision we wish to manifest calls for the ripening of the fruits and the sharing of them with the world surrounding us. Therefore we envision a gathering in three parts to complete the cycle from seed to fruit.

Our vision both for the gathering and the permanent community involves some kind of limitation on the use of plants of power.

1. SEED CAMP – SOWING: 18th of May – 15th of June 2015

Sowing the seeds for the gathering firstly means sowing the seeds of the vegetables that will nourish our bodies. As most of the vegetable cycles take three months, the main quantity of seeds we will sow at the Seed Camp to harvest at the Gathering will be of herbs and leaves. We, both members of Sonqomanta, have the intention to seed roots, some cereals and vegetables half a year before May, to be harvested at the Seed Camp and Gathering as well. As well as seeding vegetables and building the physical shelter to receive our brothers and sisters to come and join us at the Gathering, we will sow the seeds of the social and spiritual structure for the Gathering.

Just as water crystals, flowers and human bodies have structures, love and freedom own a beautiful structure as well, which permits them to manifest in the three-dimensional world. However, this does not mean that freedom needs to be limited to its structure, it simply means that we should recognize and accept that freedom will always tend to flow in the pattern the creation intended it to manifest. We can flow with it with awe and deep gratitude, or try to bend it to our will. One of the greatest missions in community life is the understanding of how to really be and manifest freedom with the understanding of its cosmic laws. As every colour of the rainbow has its different qualities yet represents parts of the whole rainbow, the free will of each sister and brother is a unique but harmonious part of one vast vision, made up of millions of tiny visions.

Therefore, the method of the talking stick should not only be our guideline, but also be experienced in a higher frequency, reached through the feminine energy available to all of us since Mother Earth´s rebirth at the end of 2012. This means to learn to dissolve our ego – recognized as the structure of our free will and as the unique quality of our soul, into the immense love of divinity. In Divine Love, everything melts into unity, like drops of water in an ocean. This is our goal.

2. GATHERING – CELEBRATION OF BLOSSOMING: 16th of June – 25th of July 2015

As the seeds we seeded grow into beautiful plants, nourished by our love, the time to celebrate the beauty of their blossoming will manifest at the Gathering. Celebrating by sharing music, arts, wisdom and love, however, does not mean to forget that we are celebrating to ripen the fruits to come. This means that our intentions and energies will be given to the learning of how to live and create a community from its early stages. Along with meditation and spiritual practices, to allow more time for the creation of many beautiful projects for the community we are considering choosing a partially raw diet. This thought also arose from the understanding that raw nutrition increases our frequency. If such a decision is reached by consensus, we will have fruits – mainly bananas and chirimoyas traded or bought from the locals – and, for those who wish, raw oatmeal for breakfast. For dinner we will make a big salad from our garden and cook hopefully with a solar oven and/or a rocket stove. As to the magic hat, its magic shall continue, as we will probably buy oats, rice, whole wheat flour and maybe some dry fruits, spices, etc. But since the vision of the Gathering is to create a permanent community, and we, both members of the community, will invest time, work and money to seed half a year before the Gathering to harvest for all the family who will come, we thought it to be wonderful if the magic hat will also serve as a donation fountain for the development of sustainability of the community.

One of the most beautiful moments shared at the Gathering, would be the full moon celebration on July 2nd, and the solstice on June 21st, followed by the Inti Raymi celebration until the 24th. But we should not forget the medicine of the new moon celebration, which is the time of the women moon cycle and feminine medicine circles on one hand, and the masculine union for the active creation of a sacred project on the other hand. We women shell learn how to work with the medicine of our blood, and we men shall learn how to work with the medicine of our power of creation. We hope to find healing for both the feminine and masculine in our search for sacred balance.

3. HARVESTING – SHARING FRUITS: 16th of July – 14th of August 2015

The final part of our vision is the sharing of our fruits with the locals surrounding us. This does not only mean our vegetables, but also our art crafts created during the three different parts of the gathering, our music, our wisdom and of course our love. With the understanding that our brothers and sisters who are not familiar yet to the rainbow family and its vision and are daily dealing with their survival, trapped in the economical system governed by money, our vision is to inspire them to create their proper economy. This could be achieved by organising a big fair for the full moon on July 31st. At the fair, we will use a trading system similar to the Time Bank used in different parts around the globe. Of course, music, shows and the sharing of ancient knowledge as well as the wisdom of the awakened Mother Earth, will be gifted without any exchange. As sisters and brothers of the rainbow family, we understand the only currency of any value is love, but to reach a society governed by love, where all our needs are fulfilled as a gift from one to the other, we need to firstly pass through a trading economy to free ourselves from the dependency of money. The fair should be followed by two weeks of different projects in the villages and the community of Sonqomanta as well, based on the Time Bank method. Depending on the enthusiasm of the locals to start these project-exchanges two weeks before the fair, we might start right after the Gathering.


Since we have started the new era, it is immensely important to work again with crystals in order to conduct energy and memorize our prayers and deepest intentions of love to heal our earth. Crystals have the capacity to contain information and transmit it to all that come in touch with them. Our earth is intoxicated, she is cleansing herself by the process of rebirth, but she needs our help. By coding our healing prayers of love in the crystals, we may transmit them to the planet through the water. The water, a magic gift from the cosmos, will spread our prayers to the whole planet, since it filters to the depths of the earth and simultaneously evaporates to the air, falling back to the earth in the form of rain, which then touches rocks, plants, animals and humans with our prayers. Therefore we ask you to please bring with you a transparent quartz crystal to Sonqomanta, so that it may be present during all the circles, ceremonies and celebrations, to be given finally back to earth and its waters on the day of Pachamama (Mother Earth) celebrated on August 1st with a Crystal Ceremony. May we all be healed and blessed by these sacred waters!

We would love to hear any idea or advice from any one of you as we’ve never organized such a gathering before!


With love, your brother Jaguar and your sister Ruth.

To contact us, please write to Ruth at the email: ruthfinkbeiner@gmail.com. (I read English, Spanish, German, and Hebrew.)

We welcome the sharing of this invitation on the internet, though not publicly on Facebook. The map should not be posted anywhere on the internet.


ENCUENTRO SEMILLA DE COMUNIDAD – INTI RAYMI (Intención para Tierra Cristal Arcoiris)


[Estatus TCA: Estatus de propietario de la tierra aun sin claridad, por favor averiguar novedades en thealternativenow.wordpress.com blog antes del encuentro.]

Amados hermanas y hermanos del corazón! Estamos viviendo en el amanecer del renacimiento de nuestra Pacha-mama – El tiempo de la profecía llegó, el arcoiris esta brillando en todos sus colores. Tiempo de unirnos todos como un corazón, de una madre, en un amor! Es tiempo para manifestar la visión en la comunidad. Por lo tanto, les invitamos a unirse a nosotros en el Inti Raymi (Celebraciones del Sol) del año 2015 en la comunidad de Sonqomanta en el norte de los Andes del Perú!


Estamos ubicados aproximadamente a 1,400 metros sobre el nivel del mar en una tierra de vegetación tropical con abundante agua, flora, fauna y vida. La temperatura es agradable, entre 13° – 35°. El pueblo central, la capital del distrito San Miguel de El Faique, esta aproximadamente a dos y media horas a pie bajando la montaña. Para llegar al caserio mas cercano, se demora una hora de camino. En estos tiempos estamos construyendo la primera casa en la entrada de la tierra y nutriendo nuestro huerto, que luego nos nutre a nosotros. Una ves a la semana hago talleres de permacultura y tejidos a telar con los nativos del sector y en cambio recibimos un poco de su cosechas – mayormente plátanos, frutas y maíz, o su ayuda en construir nuestra casa. Esperamos seguir ayudando y aprendiendo uno del otro para crear un paraíso sobre esta tierra!


El impulso para el Encuentro Semilla de Comunidad en Sonqomanta, es el deseo de nuestro corazón a elevar las energías a través del amor y de las intensiones humanas en nuestra tierra sagrada de Manirka. La montaña esta esperando ser iniciada. Nuestros hermanos y hermanas galácticos de las estrellas, seres de amor puro, ya llegaron a los sitios sagrados de la montaña de Manirka, esperando a colaborar con nosotros. Los espíritus de la montaña nos han recibido con gracia. Hemos sido bendecidos. Agua manantial cristalina nutra nuestras semillas, nuestros cuerpos y almas, hermosos arboles ancianos y vegetación nos brindan sombra, aire puro, frutos, fibras para tejer y madera para construir. Aves fascinantes y animales salvajes nos están rodeando, compartiendo su medicina con nosotros, lo único que falta para iniciar la vida de comunidad, son ustedes! ( Sonqomanta esta todavía en sus primeros pasos de creación ya que somos solo dos.)


Nuestra visión para el encuentro sumergió desde el corazón de la visión arcoiris, con un nuevo impulso hacía la manifestación en una comunidad permanente. Por lo tanto, la concepción de la libertad se transformo de la flor al fruto. Es el curso natural del crecimiento. Mientras en los Encuentros Arcoiris iniciados por el movimiento hippy en los años 60 la manifestación de la profecía arcoiris fue acerca de la celebración del amor y de la libertad en un ciclo lunar en la naturaleza, la visión arcoiris que deseamos manifestar es un llamado a madurar los frutos y compartirlos con el mundo alrededor. Por ello surjo nuestra visión dividida en tres partes para completar el ciclo desde la semilla hasta el fruto.

Nuestra visión para el encuentro tal como la comunidad permanente incluye ciertas limitaciones a cerca del uso de plantas maestras.


Sembrando las semillas para el Encuentro, significa en primer lugar sembrar las semillas de las verduras que nutren nuestros cuerpos. Por mayoría el ciclo vegetativo de las verduras dura tres meses, por lo tanto, la mayoría de las semillas que sembraremos para cosechar en el Encuentro, serían de hierbas y hortalizas. Nosotros, dos miembros de Sonqomanta, tenemos las intensiones de sembrar medio año antes de Mayo raíces, algunos cereales y verduras para cosechar durante todo el encuentro semilla de comunidad. Aparte de sembrar semillas y construir el hogar físico para recibir nuestros hermanas e hermanos que llegarán al encuentro, sembraremos las semillas sociales y espirituales de la estructura del Encuentro.

Tal como los cristales de agua, las flores y el cuerpo humano poseen una estructura, de la misma manera al amor y a la libertad pertenece una bella estructura para permitirlos manifestarse en el mundo tridimensional. Sin embargo, no significa que la libertad esta limitada a su estructura, simplemente significa que debemos reconocer y aceptar que la libertad siempre intentará a fluir en el diseño en cual la creación le ha intentado manifestarse. Podemos fluir con ese diseño con admiración y profundo agradecimiento, o intentar adaptarlo a nuestra voluntad. Una de las misiones mas grandes en la vida de comunidad, es el entendimiento de como realmente ser y manifestar libertad, con el conocimiento de sus leyes cósmicas. Tal como cada color del arcoiris posee su diferentes calidades, pero aún así representa parte del arcoiris completo, la voluntad libre de cada hermana e hermano es única pero a las vez parte armónica de una inmensa visión, hecha de millones de visiones pequeñitas.

Por lo tanto, usando el método del bastón de la palabra, no debería solamente ser nuestra directriz, sino también ser experimentada en su frecuencia mas elevada, al cual podemos llegar a través de la energía femenina disponible para todos desde el renacimiento de la Pacha-mama en fines del año 2012. Significa, aprender como disolver nuestro ego – reconocido como la estructura de nuestra voluntad libre y la calidad única de nuestra alma, dentro del inmenso amor de la divinidad. En el amor divino, todo se derrite en una sola unión, tal como gotas de agua en el océano. Llegar a ese estado, es nuestra meta.


Las semillas que sembramos crecen en hermosas plantas, alimentadas por el amor y el tiempo para celebrar la belleza de su florecimiento se manifestará en el Encuentro. Celebrando, compartiendo música, las artes, la sabiduría y el amor, sin embargo, no significa olvidar que estamos celebrando la madurar de los frutos por venir. Esto significa que nuestras intenciones y energías serán dados al aprendizaje de cómo vivir y crear una comunidad desde sus primeras etapas. Junto con la meditación y prácticas espirituales, para dar más tiempo a la creación de muchos proyectos hermosos para la comunidad estamos considerando la elección de una dieta parcialmente cruda. Este pensamiento también surgió de la comprensión de que la nutrición aumenta nuestra frecuencia. Si tal decisión se alcanzara por consenso, vamos a tener frutos – principalmente plátanos y chirimoyas negociados o comprados a los lugareños – y, para aquellos que lo deseen, harina de avena cruda para el desayuno. Para la cena vamos a hacer una gran ensalada de nuestro jardín y cocinar esperemos que con un horno solar y / o una estufa cohete. En cuanto al sombrero mágico, su magia continuará, para comprar probablemente avena, arroz, harina de trigo integral y tal vez algunos frutos secos, especias, etc. Sin embargo, desde que la visión del Encuentro es crear una comunidad permanente, y nosotros, ambos miembros de la comunidad, vamos a invertir tiempo, trabajo y dinero para sembrar medio año antes del Encuentro para cosechar para toda la familia que vendrá, pensamos que seria maravilloso si el sombrero mágico también serviriá como una fuente de donación para la desarrollo de la sostenibilidad de la comunidad.

Uno de los más hermosos momentos compartidos en el Encuentro, sería la celebración de luna llena el 2 de julio, y el solsticio del 21 de junio, seguido de la celebración del Inti Raymi hasta el día 24. Pero no debemos olvidar la medicina de la celebración lunar, que es el tiempo del ciclo lunar de la mujer por un lado y de la union masculina para la creación activa de un proyecto sagrado en la otra mano. Nosotras, las mujeres debemos aprender a trabajar con la medicina de nuestra sangre, y nosotros, los hombres debemos aprender cómo trabajar con la medicina de nuestro poder de creación. Esperamos encontrar la curación, tanto para lo femenino y masculino en nuestra búsqueda del equilibrio sagrado.

3. COSECHA – COMPARTIENDO FRUTOS: 16 de julio – 14 de agosto 2015

La parte final de nuestra visión es el compartir de nuestras frutas con los lugareños que nos rodean. Esto no sólo significa solo nuestras verduras, sino también nuestras artesanías creadas durante las tres partes diferentes de la reunión, nuestra música, nuestra sabiduría y, por supuesto, nuestro amor. En el entendido de que nuestros hermanos y hermanas que no están familiarizados aún a la familia arcoiris y su visión y se ocupan a diario con su supervivencia, atrapados en el sistema económico regido por dinero, se inspiren a crear su propia economía. Esto podría lograrse mediante la organización de una gran feria de la luna llena, el 31 de julio. En la feria, vamos a utilizar un sistema de comercio similar a la del Banco del Tiempo utilizado en diferentes partes del mundo. Por supuesto, la música, los espectáculos y la puesta en común del conocimiento antiguo, así como la sabiduría del despertado de la Madre Tierra, serán dados sin ningún intercambio. Como hermanas y hermanos de la familia arcoiris, entendemos la única moneda de cualquier valor es el amor, pero para llegar a una sociedad regida por el amor, donde todas nuestras necesidades se cumplen como un regalo de uno a otro, tenemos que pasar en primer lugar a través de una economía de comercio para liberarnos de la dependencia del dinero. La feria debe ser seguido por dos semanas de los diferentes proyectos en los pueblos y la comunidad de Sonqomanta así, basado en el método de Banco del Tiempo. Según el entusiasmo de la gente del lugar para iniciar estos proyectos-intercambios dos semanas antes de la feria, podríamos comenzar justo después del Encuentro.


Desde que hemos comenzado la nueva era, es inmensamente importante trabajar de nuevo con cristales con el fin de conducir la energía y memorizar nuestras oraciones e intenciones más profundas de amor para sanar nuestra tierra. Los Cristales tenen la capacidad de contener la información y transmitirla a todos los que vienen en contacto con ellos. Nuestra tierra está intoxicada, ella se esta limpiando a sí misma a traves del proceso de renacimiento, pero necesita nuestra ayuda. Codificando nuestras oraciones de sanación de amor en los cristales, podemos transmitirlas al planeta a través del agua. El agua, un regalo mágico del cosmos, extiende nuestras oraciones a todo el planeta, ya que filtra a las profundidades de la tierra y al mismo tiempo se evapora al aire, cayendo de nuevo a la tierra en forma de lluvia, tocando rocas , plantas, animales y seres humanos con nuestras oraciones. Por lo tanto les pedimos que por favor traigan con ustedes un cristal de cuarzo transparente a Sonqomanta, por lo que puede estar presente durante todos los círculos, ceremonias y celebraciones y que se entregara finalmente de vuelta a la tierra y sus aguas el día de la Pachamama (Madre Tierra) que se celebra el 01 de agosto con una Ceremonia de Cristal. Que todos seamos sanados y bendecidos por estas aguas sagradas!

Nos encantaría escuchar cualquier idea o consejo de alguno de ustedes, ya que nunca hemos organizado una reunión de este tipo antes!


Con amor, tu hermano Jaguar y tu hermana Ruth.

Para comunicarse con nosotros, por favor escriba a Ruth por el correo electrónico: ruthfinkbeiner@gmail.com. (Leo inglés, español, alemán y hebreo.)

Damos la bienvenida a la participación de esta invitación en internet, aunque no públicamente en Facebook. El mapa no debe ser publicado en ningun lugar en Internet.

RCL Poland

We met Henri and his two children for the first time at the European gathering in Romania in July 2014 where he heard about RCL for the first time, read the RCL Handbook and attended RCL circles. He also came to the world gathering in Hungary to declare his land in Poland an RCL and to lead several circles about bringing energy to and setting up an RCL community on the land. The following is a brief account of what was discussed in conversations and circles, all from memory, so some details may be incorrect.

Henri was born in Germany but 15 years ago he bought an almost 30-hectare piece of land near the village of Zatwarnica in the Carpathian Mountains in the south-east corner of Poland, close to the borders with Ukraine and Slovakia. Wild and beautiful, this area is where “bears and wolves kiss each other good night”, according to Henri. The land is in the San River Valley (the Hulski mountain stream skirts the land on its way to the San River) so along with others he set up a community and called it the San Tribe. But except for his partner and two daughters, no one decided to stay for a longer period. Two years ago, after the only house on the land burnt down, his partner decided to live in a nearby village and Henri found himself alone.

But his dream of community lived on and with the RCL vision resonating in his heart he wants to bring the San Tribe back to life. In fact, his own vision for the land and for the world, written down long before RCL came into existence, is very similar to the RCL vision in many respects. Henri believes that human beings have to find back to their true place in nature and re-learn to listen to Mother Earth. The land will be the site of a “Natural Village” which will support humans without excessively interfering with the natural processes of nature.

The land consists of mostly meadow and pasturelands, some deciduous forest and a river, and there is excellent drinking water. Apples, pears and plums can already be harvested, along with wild berries. A herd of horses are grazing the land, at least for now, for which Henri receives some funding from the EU. This income-generating scheme could be continued or ended by the community in the future. Although the winters are of course quite harsh, the soil is good and there is ample opportunity to create large gardens and orchards.

The land is under some kind of protection status, which means that the erection of permanent buildings is technically illegal, so the inhabitants would have to live in teepee or yurt-type housing (which for sure can be warm and comfortable if you do it right!). But there is another possibility which would need to be explored – the land is the site of an old village that was obliterated during the 2nd world war, so erecting new buildings on top of the remaining foundations of the old ones might be legally possible.

Henri sees himself as a guardian of the land and an equal community member, not as an owner. In fact, the land is already owned by a Foundation which was set up by Henri. The Foundation is run by a board, of which Henri is currently the only member, but he wants the whole community to become board members and to run the Foundation together through consensus. Although we have not yet thoroughly examined the legalities behind the Foundation (this will be the work of the community!), it seems like Henri’s Foundation is very close to what we believe an RCL Organization should be like! This will save the community a lot of energy on legal issues. Henri is open to make changes to the legal structure of the Foundation.

Henri has already contributed a lot of energy to the RCL Network by helping with the development of our Common Website, which now lives on Henri’s servers.

Henri has extended an open invitation and is ready to receive you on the land right now! However, as the winter is not the easiest time to gather the energy, we are calling for a “Crystallization Gathering” in the spring, starting April 27th, which will bring us together to seed the community. People wishing to live there permanently or temporarily should gather to experience the land, spend time in talking circles to formulate a vision and to start building and putting seeds in the ground.

Henri envisions around 12 families living permanently on the land in private-usage homes, and although he agrees that the community should be open to receive a limited number of visitors, nomads and temporary residents, his vision is focused on permanent, sustainable living. Henri has mentioned the possibility of a “Founding Consensus” to limit the use of drugs and other substances, and somehow restricting the use of electronics in order to keep the wild energy pure.

When a vision has been formulated, this should be sent to another RCL for formal approval and inclusion in the RCL Network. The Foundation should also be reviewed and possibly changed by the community, before it is sent for approval as an RCL Organization in another RCL, in a separate process.

Nothing has been decided, everything is open, your chance to shape a community from day one starts on April 27th. Welcome to Poland!

For more information go to http://santribe.rainbowcrystalland.org/index_en.html (also available in German and Polish) or contact Henri at santribe@rainbowcrystalland.org.


RCL Scouting Mission Oaxaca, Mexico – TCA Mision de Busqueda Oaxaca, Mexico


RCL Oaxaca Scouting Mission

A vision of three closely linked communities in Oaxaca, Mexico, has existed for years – one on the beach, another in the jungle at an altitude of 1000-1500m in the most perfect climate for food production, and a third in the high mountains as a spiritual retreat. Even if some of these communities strictly follow the RCL vision and others don’t, they will in any case all benefit from a high level of co-operation.

A community now exists on the beach and although it is not RCL they are in support of the rest of the vision. Some scouting for the “middle land” in the jungle has taken place but has been abandoned for now. We (Adria and Martin) are the focalizers for the Scouting Mission for the “high land” in the mountains and we are getting ready to go to Oaxaca.

Elements of the vision for the Healing Art mountain community we are working on, include:

• “Controlled openness” – although we want to welcome all visitors and temporary community members within the ecological and social limits of sustainability, we focus on family-friendly permanent living where new community members must go through a process of inclusion to be accepted by the permanent residents.

• “Complete living solution” – we will fulfill all our needs on the land itself, even including financial sustainability, which means creating a communal income on the land. All services will be free / by donation to all community members, visiting or permanent, so it is important to note that our RCL family who drop by with the intention of participating in community life will not be treated like customers! Business activities will only take place on special days, in special places or situations or off the land – we still want to keep the energy of the community as free from commercialism as possible! Inclusion in the RCL Network will undoubtedly be easier if all business activity on the land is for donation only.

• “Spiritual intention” – we will offer a space where all addictions can be left behind, we will limit the use of plants of power and we strongly encourage daily spiritual practice.

• “Right to privacy” – permanent residents will have the right to use pockets of land to build private-usage homes. A resident’s time, energy and space will be divided between communal and private.

In this message we bring focus to some of the most controversial points of our vision. Can this vision be described as falling within the boundaries of Rainbow Crystal Land? We do not know. We certainly don’t want to create a conflict within RCL so we choose to be completely open about this right from the beginning. We do not want to take advantage of what the RCL Network has to offer without giving back to the RCL Network what it deserves.

But we love the RCL vision and the rainbow family and we want to live in a Crystal Land if it is possible! We believe that the RCL vision is a flexible framework and that each Crystal Land should have its own flavour and energy. We actually believe that our community vision is a great example of how an idealistic vision can be put to use in a practical way.

Yet there are some pillars in the RCL structure that shouldn’t be removed, otherwise RCL loses its meaning. We therefore search for the middle ground and propose to call this community a Healing Crystal Land, by which we mean to say that it is “kind of the same but a little bit different”. (“Healing rainbow gatherings” already exist, where there is a focus on spiritual practice and a limitation of substances.) Should the RCL Network accept this, it would open up for the possibility of creating many types of Crystal Lands which would bring challenges but also benefits to the RCL Network.

Who will decide? Well, all of us. First we need to find the land and establish a community, and then the community will, if it wishes to, finalize a vision which will be presented as a Global Consensus Request to change the DCI to allow for this expansion of the RCL vision. We will humbly accept the opinion of the RCL Network whatever it might be.

As we don’t know the outcome of such a Global Consensus, we cannot currently call for people, energy or donations in the name of Rainbow Crystal Land. We therefore think it would probably be best to step down as RCL focalizers and pass on the stick to someone else. If anyone else would like to scout Oaxaca for a “pure RCL”, for example for “the middle land” in the jungle, we are quite sure you will receive a lot of support from both the “beach land” and the “mountain land”.

Our Scouting Mission only needs a small, focused and dedicated team. We will slowly open up the community and hopefully one day serve and honour the RCL Network as a Healing Crystal Land where we can all come to heal and find peace.

With all our love,
Adria and Martin



TCA Oaxaca Misión de Busqueda

La visión de tres comunidades estrechamente vinculados en Oaxaca, México, ha existido por años – una en la playa, otro en la selva a una altitud de 1000-1500m con el clima perfecto para la producción de alimentos, y una tercera en la alta montaña como un retiro espiritual. Incluso cuando algunas de estas comunidades sigan estrictamente la visión TCA y otras no, en cualquier caso todas se beneficiaran de un alto nivel de cooperación.

Una comunidad ahora existe en la playa y aunque no es TCA esta apoyando del resto de la visión. Alguna busqueda para la “tierra media” en la selva ha tenido lugar, pero ha sido abandonada por el momento. Nosotros (Adria y Martin) somos los focalizadores para la misión de busqueda de la “tierra alta” en las montañas y nos estamos preparando para ir a Oaxaca.

Elementos de la vision de la Comunidad de Cura y Arte en la montaña en que estamos trabajando, incluyen:

• “Apertura controlada” – a pesar de que queremos dar la bienvenida a todos los visitantes y miembros temporales de la comunidad dentro de los límites ecológicos y sociales de la sostenibilidad, nos centramos en un modo de vida permanente y familiar donde los nuevos miembros de la comunidad deben pasar por un proceso de inclusión a ser aceptado por los residentes permanentes.

• “Solución de vida completa” – vamos a cumplir con todas nuestras necesidades en la propia tierra, incluyendo la sustentabilidad financiera, lo que significa crear un ingreso comunal sobre la tierra. Todos los servicios serán libres / por donación para todos los miembros de la comunidad, visitantes o permanentes, por lo que es importante tener en cuenta que nuestra familia TCA que viene con la intención de participar en la vida comunitaria no será tratada como clientes! Los negocios sólo se llevarán a cabo en días especiales, en lugares o situaciones especiales o fuera de la tierra – todavía queremos mantener la comunidad libre de comercialismo lo mas posible! Sin duda, seria mas facil incluirse en la Red TCA si todas las actividades financieras en la tierra fueran unicamente por donativo.

• “Intención espiritual” – vamos a ofrecer un espacio donde todas las adicciones se puedan dejar atrás, limitando el uso de plantas de poder y alentando fuertemente una práctica espiritual diaria.

• “Derecho a la intimidad” – residentes permanentes tendrán el derecho de usar pedazos de tierra para construir viviendas de uso privado. El tiempo, la energía y el espacio de un residente se dividirán entre comunal y privado.

En este mensaje concentramos la atención en algunos de los puntos más controversiales de nuestra visión. ¿Puede esta visión describirse como rayando los límites de Tierra Cristal Arcoiris? No lo sabemos. Desde luego, no queremos crear un conflicto dentro de TCA así que elegimos ser completamente abiertos sobre esto desde el mero principio. No queremos tomar ventaja de lo que la Red TCA tiene para ofrecer, sin dar a cambio a la Red TCA lo que se merece.

Pero nos encanta la visión TCA y la familia arco iris y queremos vivir en una Tierra Cristal si es posible! Creemos que la visión TCA es un marco flexible y que cada Tierra Cristal debe tener su propio sabor y energía. En realidad creemos que nuestra visión de la comunidad es un gran ejemplo de cómo una visión idealista se puede poner a funcionar de una manera práctica.

Sin embargo, hay algunos pilares en la estructura TCA que no se debe remover, de lo contrario TCA pierde su significado. Por lo tanto, vamos por el camino del medio y proponemos llamar a esta comunidad Tierra Cristal de Cura, por lo que queremos dar a entender que se trata de “una especie de lo mismo, pero un poco diferente”. (Ya existen “encuentros arcoiris de cura”, donde hay un enfoque en la práctica espiritual y la limitación de sustancias.) En caso de que la Red TCA acepte esto, se abriría la posibilidad de crear muchos tipos de Tierras Cristales que traera sus retos pero también beneficiara a la Red TCA.

¿Quién decidirá? Bueno, todos nosotros. Primero tenemos que encontrar la tierra y establecer una comunidad, y entonces la comunidad, si quiere, podra finalizar una visión que presentara como una solicitud de Consenso Mundial para cambiar la DIC a favor de la expansión de la visión TCA. Aceptaremos humildemente la opinión de la Red TCA sea cual sea.

Como no sabemos el resultado de tal consenso mundial, no podemos llamar ahora mismo a las personas, energía o donaciones en nombre de Tierra Cristal Arcoiris. Por lo tanto, pensamos que probablemente sería mejor renunciar como focalizadores TCA y transmitir el palo a otra persona. Si alguien más desea explorar Oaxaca para una “TCA pura”, por ejemplo, para “la tierra media” en la selva, estamos bastante seguros de que recibirá una gran cantidad de apoyo tanto de la “tierra de la playa” como de la “tierra de la montaña”.

Nuestra Misión de Busqueda sólo necesita un equipo pequeño, enfocado y dedicado. Vamos a abrir lentamente la comunidad y esperamos servir y honrar algún día la Red TCA como Tierra Cristal de Cura donde todos podemos llegar a sanar y encontrar paz.

Con todo nuestro amor,
Adria y Martin