The Alternative one page summary English

The Alternative (one page summary)

Steps towards a Free World – Ideas for a New Era

  • Infinite economic growth on a planet with finite resources is impossible. Our current global living solution is unsustainable. Weare seeking an alternative of true freedom, dignity and equality and a life in peace with ourselves, each other and Mother Earth.
  • We do not need to change our precious rainbow gatherings and neither do we need to turn the world into a big rainbow gathering. But there are fundamental, universal principles that are essential but not exclusive to rainbow – such as openness, inclusiveness, personal freedom, tolerance, non-violence, egalitarianism, communalism, non-commercialism, sharing and environmentalism – that are needed in the world right now to guide us into a new era.
  • We see the solution, after a period of transition, as follows:
    • We see a worldwide, inter-dependent network of self-sufficient communities that protect and rehabilitate our natural ecosystems while sustainably producing organic food, renewable energy, building materials and other resources according to Permaculture principles.
    • We see these communities freely sharing any surplus of food and resources independent of capitalist mechanisms and without an exchange of money.
    • We see these open lands populated by interchanging groups of free and equal individuals in self-organising consensus-based intentional communities that provide food, schooling and healthcare for its inhabitants, visitors and neighbours.
    • We see ourselves as freeing these lands from the grip of human control and exploitation and returning them to Mother Earth; the land does not belong to humans, humans belong to the land.
    • We see caravans powered by renewable energy sources travelling between and connecting these communities, exchanging food, work, energy, knowledge, art and seeds.
  • Tens of thousands of rainbows, travellers and other kinds of nomads are roaming the earth. This group is a great untapped source of renewable energy but they are dependent on “the system”. Landowners, lands and communities are often isolated and unproductive. The land needs more people and the people need more land. The land is there and the people are there – how do we make them come together for the benefit of all? All we need is a little bit of organisation.
  • Openness is a fundamental rainbow principle. Open communities are potentially much stronger than hierarchical communities. With strong, continuous, shared intentions, visions and consensuses, an open intentional community will benefit from being open and the world will benefit from the community.
  • We want to restore the status of lands to what the expanding Europeans saw as “Terra Nullius” or “No Man’s Land” when they first arrived on new continents. To the rainbow family Terra Nullius is simply the concept that land cannot belong to human beings but that we are all equally free to settle, create communities on and become the guardians of Terra Nullius lands. To the outside world, Terra Nullius is some kind of an “organised non-organisation” or legally recognised global social movement that is entitled to hold land or describe land as “free” in legally acceptable terms on behalf of the worldwide rainbow family. In essence, Terra Nullius are open, borderless and ownerless pieces of land where all the creatures of Mother Earth are free to roam within the limits of sustainability. Finding these lands is part of the world rainbow caravan mission.
  • Through an elaborate website we want to create and share an Alternative Map of the World where lands, communities, businesses, caravans and people that support the Alternative are listed and able to interact and share.
  • If we choose to seek freedom from politics by temporarily engaging with the political system, a political party representing the Alternative can be set up to free our pieces of Terra Nullius lands from national government control.

6 comments on “The Alternative one page summary English

  1. Ramaka says:

    I am in bliss with the words I am reading. I went to my first Rainbow Gathering on da Big Island of Hawaii. I was there for 12 days n I never, ever, had a more amazing experience! Really. It was held near South Point, Kau. I am a child(I was in my teens). But by 73′ was 23 divorced w/ two children. Never went to Woodstock I was a mom. To cut to da chase. When it came down to leaving I couldn’t understand why? Why can’t we continue on? Well we were not embraced by the community of Kau. They saw us a low life’s, dirty heathens, satans spawn. Yikes!! I have been living in community, on da BI for almost 3 years. I must say, I’ve been around a couple, two three blocks, and my experience has been one of amazing blessed out times, with amazing young folks( some cranky old farts too), and I have always been shown respect n oodles of love. I have made dozens my hai children(adopted in Hawaiian ), young men n young goddesses. As the like being called. I love them, many like my own children n more. It’s difficult to explain, but I feel you know where I am coming from. I have a lot of energy, gifts, talents n wisdom to share and truly it is makes me happiest. When I can prepare beautiful food for those I love, it so makes my life worth living. Really Living as I always dreamed I could. I had almost given up hope of ever having land to raise my herbs for cooking and family to share it with. I have 4 children, two daughters who I rarely speak with because of my karma with them. It’s either gonna work itself out or not. I have surrendered to the outcome. Two sons, one who I visiting now, pet n house sit too. And the other ached in Cali. Great son, just no time with work n female problems, he’s gonna be 35, my baby. Are you tired of reading yet? I’ll finish this up. Mahalo nui loa, brothers n sisters, children n gran kids too. I Love U All for implementing this vision that many of us from the day could on pray n wish for. I’ had my share of woes, but I have survived the worst of my karma. Now onto the life I dreamed of when I was a pure unadulterated girl. I most luv the way my family(Rainbows), are holding strong n bring their energies, gifts n talents to see that the vision mana-feasts on Mother Earth. Mahalo nui loa, Ramaka Lara

  2. Aho! Thank you for sharing your heart! I’m sure you would love our heart-sharing circles here in Costa Rica… There’s an amazingly strong family down here right now… welcome home anytime, sister, there’s a herb garden waiting for you!

  3. Patrick says:

    PS – it’s called “hanai”

  4. Joshua says:

    Hy martin,

    i volunteer to translate the alternative one page summary ( and maybe also the full version) to german right now.

    is there anyone who maybe already working on that?

    Thanks Joshua


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