rainbowcrystalland.org goes live!

Phase 1 of the development of rainbowcrystalland.org has been completed and a basic form of the website is ready to be used. Everything related to RCL will now move from thealternativenow.wordpress.com to rainbowcrystalland.org, meaning that thealternativenow.wordpress.com is no longer the official communication channel for RCL! Rainbowcrystalland.org is the fulfillment of our vision for a “Common RCL Website”, consensed at the RCL in Costa Rica two years ago.

I urge everyone to start making use of the new website right now.

It has been developed by a team of volunteers, most notably Santi from Argentina and Henri in Poland. I have written the content for it, based on the content of The RCL Handbook. The domain name is registered to Henri’s land foundation in Poland, which is the closest thing we so far have to an “RCL Organization” and therefore the safest bet, and the site lives on Henri’s own server. You can donate money to Henri for the upkeep of the website through the donation page on rainbowcrystalland.org.

As of right now, Henri is the main administrator for the site. I might stay on as an admin for a while. This is not ideal, the vision of this website is that it should be as communal as possible. How do we do this? By having ‘wiki-style’ editing of pages by any user? By letting any admin add other admins that are personally known to them? (Which might leave the website very vulnerable to attacks.) Or could we develop an ‘admin-light’ type of user account that allows invited users to edit the site without having access to the most critical server settings? Whatever the solution, let’s find it together in the forum of rainbowcrystalland.org.

Right now, rainbowcrystalland.org gives us:

  • A basic display of information, such as the Declaration of Common Intention.
  • A donation page that accepted RCL communities / Scouting Missions can use to receive donations.
  • A “News” blog, much like the one you are reading now. All RCL-related blog posts from thealternativenow.wordpress.com have been imported into “News” on rainbowcrystalland.org in order to keep the (web) history of this project intact. (In the forum, go to “Common Website” and then “News” to discuss what should be published here.)
  • Most importantly, a real forum! This will no doubt help us in our communication. The forum has been divided into categories and subcategories, such as “RCL Communities” > “RCL Costa Rica”, to give each land a new way to communicate. Right now the display of the categories is not very intuitive, this will hopefully be improved in a future update. I suggest that any further decisions about the website should happen through discussions in the forums (or, of course, in circles in the RCL Communities – the RCLs should get whatever web solution they want! This website has been made to support the communities and they are ultimately in charge of whatever happens on the internet!)

In the future, rainbowcrystalland.org might give us:

  • A database of RCL Communities around the world
  • Profile pages for Communities and Scouting Missions
  • User-selectable privacy levels
  • User-editable pages?
  • Translation tools (the website currently only exists in English, unfortunately)
  • A Global Consensus tool
  • Enhanced communication capabilities
  • A user-created Knowledge Base
  • FAQ
  • A web shop for the communities
  • …and whatever else we can dream up!

This will not be done BY some people FOR others, it should be a real communal effort. Whether or not you have any technical skills, your input in the forums will be highly appreciated. If you DO have web development skills, please go to the “Common Website” > “Volunteer Developers Portal” to help implement the changes and new features the community wants. All admins and developers should always act in the best interest of 1) all RCL Communities and 2) the community of users on the website.

After 2 years of RCL learning experiences we may want to start a discussion on the future of RCL in the RCL > Vision/DCI forum?

So what will happen with thealternativenow.wordpress.com?

The website was set up in 2012 to publish the article The Alternative, which, from my personal perspective, was a precursor to RCL. The website was consensed as the official communication channel for RCL at the talking circles in Palenque in 2012. From my point of view the creation of RCL was a fulfilment of one of the aspects of the vision of The Alternative. The other part of the vision of The Alternative is the creation of a huge website which would include The Alternative Map of the World, an example of which can be found on the Map page of thealternativenow. So I suppose the only reason for the continued existence of thealternativenow would be to support the fulfilment of this second part of the vision.

Looking at the map now, two years later, I must say I am quite surprised at the usefulness of it and I see that it has a great potential if developed properly. There is a lot of interesting information on it, but also some junk, such as tourist sites. It could be cleaned up if anyone feels like it. I will for now leave the map as it is, it is completely open and editable by anyone with a google account, though I am playing with the idea of making it static in order to protect what is already there, in the future. The password of thealternativenow, which was shared with many people, has now been changed.

I offer the idea of The Alternative Map of the World as an open source and non-copyrighted idea for the benefit of the world. If anyone seriously feels like developing it, I can offer a limited amount of energy to it. Contact me or leave a comment on the Contact page of thealternativenow.

I created a facebook group as a “Forum” for thealternativenow, it now has 2000 members and has become a bit of a mess. Now that we have forums on rainbowcrystalland.org I strongly suggest closing down the facebook group, it is not needed anymore. I believe the only information that should be rescued from that group and perhaps collected in the RCL Costa Rica forum on rainbowcrystalland.org, are photos from the RCL in Costa Rica. Volunteers?

If we close the FB group, The Alternative Map of the World would no longer have a forum, but it is probably not necessary. Could anyone host The Alternative Map of the World forum? Could a “Non-RCL” category be created on rainbowcrystalland.org with the subcategory “The Alternative Map of the World”, or would that distract from the real purpose behind rainbowcrystalland.org?

It is my intention that this is my last RCL blog post on thealternativenow. I wish for rainbowcrystalland.org to somehow be completely community-run and I wish to remove myself as some kind of “RCL spokesman”. Thank you for following this blog, all the feedback and interest has been truly inspiring. See you on rainbowcrystalland.org!

With love


(This will be cross-posted on rainbowcrystalland.org. A Spanish translation would be very helpful.)


RCL Peru – New Vision

Beloved Sisters, Beloved Brothers,

As the time for our three month Seed Gathering is approaching (starting May 18th), the light fibers with which we have been weaving our dream are receiving density in their process of materializing. And so does the vision.
It is most urgent now to visualize the future of our new Earth Civilization in a crystal clear way, to bring its realization into process. But at the same time, we should not forget to recognize the exact state of our society, as it is now. In the unseen layers of our reality, the transformation is evolving very fast and deep, while in the physical reality, our society in general is still not aware of the changes. This means, we can not picture our future vision without paving a solid, realistic path allowing it to unfold in its most perfect way, while atuned in harmony to the reality from which we wish to arise.
As to the spiritual aspect of this path, it is the essence of the change, the most crucial part, but at the same time, the only part we can only experience truly once the community gathers and rediscovers its great mystery together. The social aspect is very complicated, and can be better understood through the economical aspect, so let us first start with the economical part, which is the basis for everything.
As we all know, we can´t change our economical system at once from a money controlled economy to a love currency economy as the fountain of all our basic needs. The huge question that arose in me lately, was: How can we pave the path from coin currency to love currency in the quickest, most harmonious and abundant way? We can not compromise on our vision, this is clear to me, but we won´t get anywhere without recognizing and embracing our current reality, to be able to transform it with us. Eventually, the reality we live in is our starting point! So a very clear vision arose in me, to create clarity in this complex matter, because the last thing that should happen is that our vision should get confused, lost, or unachieved because we are too busy trying to fit it into the crooked box of our reality, only to allow it to get into life and start function in some sort of a way. As we enter into a more interdimentional reality, I thought the way to confront this problem might be in living various realities at the same time. This is how our primal vision divided into three parts.
This is the place which starts in the heart (Sonqo) of each one of us, to unfold like a flower, slowly but undisturbed. This is the place where we should never compromize on our highest dream, our highest excitement, our highest truth. Through the social interconnections in the community we should learn how to unfold this precious flower and slowly master each aspect of it. Only when ready may we start to build a physical place to embody our vision. In that place, as we envision it, no money will appear in any shape. We will build our community out of the natural resorces of our mountain forest, nourish our bodies with what we harvest, only, heal ourselves with herbal medicine, educate ourselves and our children inside the community, use no chemical materials, not even plastics in our households, and live with the energy provided by love currency. We should also use only the newest tecnolegy, when available, which has no harmful radiation. (crystal tecnology?!…) This should be a place where each permanent member of the community will express and live their own purpose of life, their own dream and vision on the personal level. On the social, comunal level, each permanent member would be fully dedicated to create and hold the comunal vision, while seeing it as their most important life task, and bring it down to the earthly way of living and cocreating. On the cosmical level, each permanent member would seek the spiritual wisdom, by interacting lovingly with the different conciousnes in the cosmos, and in nature, (also the physical embodied children of mother earth, including the human being.) We would be an active part in creating an intergalactical, interdimentional civilization.
As the sun pours down its golden light on us and the whole creation, we should open a space where we share our light – the light of the Sonqomanta – the Rainbow Crystal Land vision – with our suroundings. This shall be the Intycurry center, a place of interconnections, a place to exchange wisdom, teachings and talents. A place where the old world is lovingly invited to join us and taste a fragrance of a utopic way of living. We shall not charge money nor pretend to earn money in any way. Instead we shall trade and exchange, either goods, or time. We shall offer permaculture and different art workshops. The locals, or other visitors who want to participate, shall offer something in exchange, whether goods they produce, work they can help us to do, or something they would want to share and teach us in return. Nevertheless, money might be used, collected with the magic hat, or by donations, to buy what we need and can´t provide ourselves nor receive in exchange with our visitors. We might use solar energy to provide electricity for the use of computers in a little center for that cause, and may need to use other electronical devices.
Intycurry is the place where we first learn how to create Sonqomanta.
Intycurry will also have a feminine part, recognized by the qualities of the moon. This feminine part would be a place to come and look inside oneself in search of healing. We should learn how to heal our body, soul, and spirit, using only the medicine of plants, music, colours, imagination, meditation, contemplation and love. This place might be open to work with master plants in a limited/guided way, and to make vision quests, retreats, temazcales, etc. It would be open for anybody to participate and exchange something they offer.
This center has two goals. First of all, its purpose is to come down to the places where the old world has its strongest grasp, where violence, poverty, injustice, suffering and slavery to money are very strongly present. We wish to bring light, joy and hope to the people living in that reality, especially to the street children – becauce our children are the future! The second goal is to provide money to help evolve the community through the process from coin currency to love currency, and help us move around the planet to share and collect more wisdom.
In this center we will have a permeculture complex built out of wood, with a vegan, partly organic, partly crude restaurant, a fare trade shop with the products of our community and the products of the street children, a kitchen providing the food for sale and for the restaurant and a place for workshops to teach the street children music, arts, permetulture, etc. We would provide the same workshops for the people living in the city, but will charge them a bit. We will make music concerts, theater and circus shows, lectures to share very important information (the lectures should be for free). There will be a dormitory for the permanent members of the community and the visitors to stay and a backyard with permaculture beds. We recognize it will be necessary to have a person living and working there as the heart of his life. A person who is less interested in the community itself.
The question is: How will all of this work together?
The answer is not very simple. The crucial part of this vision is not to forget to see it as a union, division is for clarity, not for separation. I found it important to make a division between the heart of the community  – Sonqomanta, and the Intycurry center, to make it possible for people to choose at what level of intensity they wish to be part of the community. It does not mean, however, that Sonqomanta will not be 100% open to any kind of visitors or allow them to be part of the desicions being made. It only means, that the deep processes of the heart of the community would be made by those who truly choose it. It is important to add that physically there is quite a distance between Intycurry and Sonqomanta, because the natural suroundings of Intycurry are not big enought to contain a 100% self-sustainable community. Sonqomanta, however, when being built, will be the place where the community would take all their decisions. (For now, the first building we started building, is placed in the Intycurry center, and this is where we will start experiencing community life.)
Please remenber we are only sharing this vision because we feel the urge to share what is on our hearts. We are sure there are many things we have not concidered deeply enough and we are positive this vision will change and transform as we will create the community.
You are most welcome to enrich us with your inspirations, and come and make our dreams come true together!
Your brother Jaguar and your sister Ruth
[Spanish translation most welcome!]