RCL News August 2014!

  • The RCL in Costa Rica is flourishing. Hundreds of fruit trees have been planted, the greenhouse is full of fat and juicy veggies, the kitchen has been expanded, new water systems and compost toilets constructed and the cob house is in the process of being crowned with a roof. A lot of awareness of this land has been created and plenty of energy is flowing here – the last dry season saw a peak of around 50 people on the land, pushing the carrying capacity to the limit. But right now the rainy season is in full swing and only four warriors are holding the fort for all of us… they are calling for our support right now! We hope a separate update from this land will be coming soon on this website; in the meantime you can enjoy this simple but beautiful introductory video from the community: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8al4Jfp8Dk
  • The Scouting Mission in the Andes have been busy seeing lands in Peru, Brazil and Bolivia over the last six months but the core of the team are spending the summer in Europe to raise funds to continue scouting. The fact that several lands have been offered for free shows that our vision has a tremendous potential, although “the perfect land” is yet to be found. The Scouting Focalizer, Fabi, has requested a new consensus from the RCL in Costa Rica (where the Scouting Mission was born) to enable him to call Scouting circles with the power to change the Founding Consensus for the Scouting Mission. The scouting team feels it needs more flexibility in its approach to finding a land, which could mean expanding the area of the search and / or redefining the spiritual intention. An update was posted today on the Andes Scouting Mission blog: http://cristalandes.wordpress.com/2014/08/08/scouting-update/
  • Core RCL members are going to the big rainbow gatherings in Europe this summer to spread the RCL vision. We will be doing RCL talking circles at the European gathering in Romania a few days after full moon August and at the world gathering in Hungary probably a few days before full moon.
  • The national Hungarian gathering in June/July left behind a community which seeks RCL status. Issues relating to land ownership and national park limitations are being worked on, and a vision for the land and community is slowly materialising. The community is asking for a slow growth and no immediate big influx of people. They have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money and they are looking for an architect to help restore an old cellar on the land.
  • The RCL Common Website (rainbowcrystalland.org) is close to being launched in a simple first version. A new Common Website Focalizer is sought to bring this website to the next level. It has been created in Django, but a vision of an open source wikipedia-style website that doesn’t require too much energy from any single individual is emerging. New energy to help with this transition would be more than welcome. A first version of the content for the website has been available for a while but is still unpublished. We have therefore adapted this website content into an “RCL Handbook” in a pdf file that can be distributed at gatherings. This 25 page document offers a much deeper understanding of the RCL vision and will hopefully in the future be open for communal editing through the Common Website in order to express our common consciousness. Download the Rainbow Crystal Land Handbook V1 here.
  • After a legal review of our Declaration of Common Intention by a US lawyer and the head of the New Earth Project legal team, we have realised that the legal part of our DCI V2 must be more flexible, simple and open and less specific. V3 will no doubt be far from perfect but it is a step in the right direction in this continuous work in progress. This is an official Global Consensus Request that has already been considered in a circle in the Oaxaca Scouting Mission and it has been forwarded to the RCL in Costa Rica for a final consensus. The changes are explained in the RCL Handbook (see link above). We are proposing the following changes (in bold) to the DCI:Part II – Organization
    • An RCL is a piece of land hosting a permanent community aiming for sustainable living, fulfilling or soon to fulfil our legal ideals for land ownership as closely as possible. A new RCL is accepted into the RCL Network…
    • RCL Organizations may have to be created to fulfil our ideals concerning land ownership. An RCL Organization is set up according to the guidelines in “Appendix B – Land Ownership” and is accepted into the RCL Network…

    Appendix B – Land Ownership

    1) We wish to declare the lands we inhabit as ownerless in a legally acceptable way. Our RCL Communities assume guardianship of the lands and peacefully seek full political autonomy.

    2) Until 1) has been achieved, we see common ownership by local RCL Organizations that give us the legal right to stay on the land as a temporary solution. An RCL Organization will hold land and permanent structures in perpetual, irrevocable Trusteeship (preferred) or outright Ownership on behalf of the rainbow family (meaning all human beings), Mother Earth and all beings.

    Each RCL Community must find solutions within the local legal system to set up RCL Organizations that operate as closely as possible to these ideals:

    • The Organization must be recognized by the local legal system.
    • Everyone present on the land have equal rights and responsibilities.
    • Decisions are made by consensus of the community.
    • The Organization does not borrow money.

See you in 5 minutes in Romania and Hungary. Love and light to all.



2 comments on “RCL News August 2014!

  1. manu maran says:

    muy buenas noticias! …se nota que los que estais alla jugando con la madre tierra…sois gente de palabra…espero aportar muy pronto mi granito de arena!….gracias y seguir divirtiendoos…muakb!


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