Mision de Busqueda / Scouting Mission – Oaxaca, Mexico


Querida familia,

Nos encontramos ahora mismo disfrutando de un encuentro pequeño pero concentrado en la tierra de Jonas cerca de Mazunte, Oaxaca, Mexico. Estamos construyendo techos y espacios, creando un increible huerto de permacultura, haciendo yoga cada mañana, compartiendo nuestras visiones en circulos y viviendolas a traves de nuestras acciones. En un dia o dos la atencion se movera hacia las cuestiones practicas de la busqueda para la TCA en la exuberantes montañas de Oaxaca.

Estamos extremadamente felices de que mucha atencion y energia esta yendo para la TCA de Costa Rica y la Mision de Busqueda de la Tierra en los Andes pero parece que la Mision de Busqueda de Oaxaca esta sufriendo en consecuencia. Gente con un dedicado compromiso a largo plazo se necesita ahora para realizar la vision de Oaxaca. Encontrar esta tierra sin duda tomara muchos meses de esfuerzo concentrado de un equipo dedicado, sin mencionar el crear la comunidad en si. Aun asi, con la extremada generosidad logistica y financiera del apoyo de Jonas no podriamos imaginar una Mision de Busqueda mas facil.

Esto podria suceder ahora mismo. Todo lo que necesitamos es querer que pase.

Bienvenido a casa!

Adria y Martin


Dear family,

We are currently enjoying a small but focused gathering on Jonas’ land near Mazunte, Oaxaca, Mexico. We are building roofs and spaces, creating an amazing permaculture garden, doing yoga every morning, sharing our visions in circles and living them through our actions. In a day or two the focus will move to the practicalities of scouting for an RCL in the gorgeous, lush mountains of Oaxaca.

We are extremely happy that so much focus and energy is going to the RCL in Costa Rica and the Scouting Mission in the Andes but it seems like the Scouting Mission in Oaxaca is suffering as a consequence. People with a dedicated, long-term commitment to this mission is needed right now in order to realize the Oaxaca vision. Finding this land will no doubt take many months of concentrated effort from a dedicated team, not to mention creating a community afterwards. Even so, with the extremely generous logistical and financial support of Jonas we can’t imagine an easier Scouting Mission.

This can really happen, right now. All we need is to want it to happen.

Welcome home!

Adria and Martin


7 comments on “Mision de Busqueda / Scouting Mission – Oaxaca, Mexico

  1. Michael says:

    Yes! I love you, Martin! So good to see you are back with the family! I will see you all soon!

  2. Marcus says:

    Blessings for the continued work Martin ! I am in New Caledonia right now, would love to see some pictures of the CR land if there is anyway of getting around that. The place must be incredibly different by now !

    • Hey Marcus!! Yes, I would love to see that too! Soon rainbowcrystalland.org will go live in a basic version, then the next big update will include profile pages for lands, so it will be much easier for the people there to upload photos etc. I’m in Oaxaca kicking off the scouting, then planning on going to the Andes. Many people are on their way to CR so I’m sure photos will arrive. I can post them here if someone sends me photos. Enjoy New Caledonia, Marcus, hope to see you again around these parts of the world soon! Love, Martin

  3. sofiarainbow says:

    Dear Martin and Family!I wish I could be there,in Oaxaca,-to help scout,manifest and build a R.Com-ne there! Im- one of those-dedicated,commited rainbows,I was looking forward to that and was on my way there,but was detained by the Imigr.of Mex.-for not puting a stamp on border,and now have been for 90 days here,in detention place,in Tapachula,Chiapas.I face a deport to Europe in 15-16 days,unless someone would come and try to help..theres”humanitarian visa” slight possibility,but has to be applied by someone from outside..Also,there will be first Intergalactic R.G.in Chili,in Dec.2014..If not before,see you there!Peace&Love,Sofia Rainbow

  4. Dear Family!I wanted just to add some info about some possibilities,concerning Lands for Mex.commune..When I was in Oaxaca mnts last year,some of rainbows stayed on some property(owned,and offered to us by a couple with children.while going for a trip),and there was a land nearby for sale,for a deal,cheap price..I dont remember details,but it was somewhere between 2 places,where all Rainbows were hanging,staying for some time after all our R.G-s last year..Then,there is a land for some Ashram,commune,-owned by some Rus-Amer.friend I met at Lake Atitlan-before I got to mex.ordeal..Its somewhere in Mexico,by Lake..Heres his e-mail:Antarni@yahoo.com You could at least try to contact him,I dont know,where he is now,and tell him also,please,about my situation,and if he can visit me,I will be here until 3-5th of March,and then-will be flown to Moscow-unless some miracle happens..How the R.G.in Oaxaca went,and whats the very latest in Ranbow life there and everywhere?.The Director here never got any letter from you,and in case,-it was by post adress,please,try a letter by e-mail,that I also provided on forumComments¨before,-I would appreciate it very much!Peace&Love,Sofia Rainbow

  5. 4521163129 says:



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