The RCL DCI V2 is now available in Spanish and Japanese on the Background page. Various web pages and The Alternative One Page Summary have been translated to Japanese. A huge thank you to the translators: Mar, Adria and Asami! is only days away from being published so let’s focus future translation efforts on this new website (which will exist in its entirety in any number of languages). In the Mazunte, Mexico gathering I will make a circle to suggest a new DCI Appendix B which should help the RCL in Costa Rica in their legal work.

La Tierra Cristal Arcoiris Declaracion de Intencion Comun Version 2 esta disponible en espanol en la pagina Background! En el encuentro en Mazunte, Mexico, voy a sugerir cambios en el DIC Apendice B para ayudar la TCA en Costa Rica en su trabajo legal.

Luz, paz y amor



2 comments on “Translations

  1. Joshua says:

    i translated the Alternative one page summary to german. I can go on with the about section. i send it to your email


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