Rainbow Vision Gathering / Encuentro Visiones Arco Iris – Mazunte, Oaxaca, Mexico – Jan 1 to Jan 30 2014


[Alguien por favor agregue una traducción española en un comentario de abajo! Gracias!]

Welcome home to Jonas’ land near Mazunte!

This is an open invitation to a gathering of family, just like any rainbow gathering, but with a focus on activating Jonas’ land and projects and the RCL Scouting Mission in the mountains of Oaxaca. The caravan from California to Costa Rica will pass through the land for full moon December 17 to initiate the scouting and the seed camp for the gathering, which will go from new moon to new moon in January. As this gathering takes place on Jonas’ private land there is an opportunity to create permanent structures and other projects that won’t be torn down at the end of the gathering. Jonas’ visions for his land extend far beyond his personal interests.

How to get there:

From Mazunte go in the direction of Ventanilla, follow a sign on the right to Nido de las Aguilas, et voila!

See map below.

Please do not spread this message publicly on Facebook, especially not the map.

Welcome home! See you there!


PS! Having received a legal review by a professional of our legal requirements in our RCL DCI V2, it seems obvious that we need to make some changes to the DCI in order to help Costa Rica set up the first RCL Organization. I would like to call a circle at some point after full moon January at this gathering to focus on that.



Volunteers needed now – Spanish translator and web programmer


Someone with a very high level of Spanish is needed to finish off the English-Spanish translation of the RCL DCI V2. It has already been done but with many mistakes and inconsistent language, there are many unusual technical terms. But the hard work has been done, you just need to do the final polish. It will soon be needed in Costa Rica to set up our first RCL Organization that will take on the ownership of the land. Contact me – martinvoll@gmail.com.

Santiago is working on rainbowcrystalland.org… alone! He is hoping to publish a first ‘shell’ soonish but we could take a load off his shoulders if volunteers with some experience of programming were helping out. You don’t need to be an expert, you will be guided by Santi. Contact Santiago – santi.romero@gmail.com.

Thank you! Peace!


Caravan California-Costa Rica update

Hello family 🙂

we are something like 40 people around Ensenada, baja california. some came early, some came late.

we had a beautiful vision council in a beautiful wild hot spring.

we made a few consensuses about meeting points and dates.

the important thing for everybody to understand is that the purpose of these meeting points is to celebrate new moon and full moon, continue the vision councils in order to activate creative energy to manifest the future and to bring it to the costa rica community.

each meeting became as short gathering and people travel together as usual.
but there is no such thing as one big caravan traveling together from meeting point to meeting point.
there is no big food circle prepared to feed everyone.
anyway similar things are happening automatically but if you expect that, you could be disappointed unless you focalize it.

proper infomation will update to this google group.

there is a facebook group too, it’s used for chatting and invite family, spread message.

*** 17 DEC 2013 full moon
we meet at Jonas’s private land in mazunte, oaxaca, mexico
main topic of vision council is about scouting new rainbow crystal land in the mountains in oaxaca.
this vision council will continue every new moon and full moon in jonas’s private land until we find land and start a community.

exact location of jonas’s land will be provided soon.

there is an intention of winter solstice celebration somewhere there.

there are vipassana courses happening at these times:

11 – 22 DEC near mexico city.
26 DEC – 6 JAN near mexico city.
*** 3rd JAN 2014, lunch time, new moon
Samuel’s private land, lago de atitlan, guatemala
exact location will be provided soon.
there is a festival in lago de atitlan, guatemala, new year.
there is a vipassana course happening at this time:
26 DEC – 6 JAN guatemala.
***15 JAN 2014 full moon
somewhere in the rainbow gathering guatemala.
if rainbow gathering is not happening we are gonna make it happen. in this case 3rd JAN meeting will be preparation for gathering.

***30 JAN 2014 new moon
rainbow gathering in guatemala. vision council before cleaning up.

***14 FEB 2014 full moon
rainbow crystal land costa rica
celebrate one year anniversary from this full moon until march full moon.

there is a vipassana course happening in costa rica:
05 FEB – 16 FEB san ishidro, costa rica.

there is a big festival in costa rica, envision
20 – 24 FEB 2014

***1st MAR 2014 new moon

costa rica community. celebrate one year anniversary of community.

***16th MAR 2014 full moon

costa rica community. celebrate one year anniversary of community.

this meeting point possibly continue to more south.

also there is an option of a ferry boat going to europe around march.