Costa Rica calling!

The RCL community in Costa Rica near the village of Copabuena has been doing incredibly well since its inception in March this year. However, they are in the rainy season and their numbers are down to a small handful. They are calling for more energy to come their way right now!! Now is the best time to lend a hand for a while or even to find a place to live! They need all the support they can get… Thank you and welcome home! Martin


8 comments on “Costa Rica calling!

  1. Victor says:

    Me and My girl want to come and help.
    How do we get there, and is there someone we can get hold of out there?
    Peace and love
    Maya and victor

  2. Hey guys! Great!!! Go to the village of Copabuena, the land is about 1km away, you’ll find it! I know Diogo from Brazil is still there, but I don’t know for how much longer. I will message you his personal email if you give me yours… Martin

  3. George Greco says:

    I’m interested in lending a helping hand! Currently in New York for the holidays. One plane ride away to my destiny. Shoot me an e-mail back if you still need help. – Gorje

    • For sure help is still needed… I don’t think it’s as urgent as it was, I don’t think it will be left empty, but energy is always needed! Welcome home, brother! I have forwarded your comment to a couple of people I think are still there. Peace. Martin

  4. hannsandwich says:

    Hello family!!

    Will be traveling with some of my brothers and sisters to Costa Rica next month and would love to come contribute and help !! How is it going over there?

  5. Manu says:

    Hello raimbow warriors, I’m going to Peru in my van for a new project in the raimbow crystal Land earth and I would like visit you on the the next days…nice!


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