RCL News!

Here’s a few rather random updates from the RCL world:

  • Click here to read our consensed Declaration of Common Intention Version 2!
  • The RCL community in Costa Rica has recently set up their own blog: http://rainbowcrystallandcostarica.wordpress.com. There is so far not much activity here but you might want to ‘follow’ this blog to get news straight from the community.
  • Two lands are apparently in the process of being acquired in Mexico but it’s too early to tell how or if they will integrate with the RCL vision.
  • A Mexican inventor needs a few more years to introduce a brand new high-efficiency solar panel technology to our crystal lands! If all goes well we will be given free access to this technology and we will be able to produce our own panels at a fraction of the cost of current commercial solutions!
  • The RCL vision has been received with excitement at the Canada world rainbow gathering. There will undoubtedly be a wave of energy moving south to Mexico, Costa Rica and Peru / Bolivia. The vision for the Andes has attracted a lot of attention. People with resources are getting involved and the magic hat for the purchase of land will be significant.
  • The European rainbow family has acknowledged and welcomed the RCL vision.
  • This website is apparently in the process of being translated into Japanese.
  • I received several hundred dollars of donations in my quest to make a “legal blueprint” for the RCL Network. However, with the simplified new version of the DCI, I believe it is more important for Costa Rica to actually put these “legal requirements” into practice than to spend this money on general legal advice with no immediate practical value. The work to create an RCL Organization in Costa Rica based on the legal requirements in the DCI V2 has commenced and I will transfer 300 dollars of the legal donations to them as soon as it is needed. This is done with the blessing of the donors.
  • Also with the acceptance of the donors, 100 dollars of the legal donations have been diverted to support the creation of our RCL Common Website. Argentinian brother and expert web-developer Santiago has been consensed as the focalizer of our website both at the Costa Rican community and at the world rainbow gathering in Canada. He has already registered the domain rainbowcrystalland.org  for us and one volunteer has come forward to help with the coding for our web platform created from scratch. More donations for web hosting and more volunteers for programming are needed to help Santiago! I will work on the RCL Handbook and other content for the website. The website you are looking at right now will hopefully soon be obsolete, we will be completely off Facebook and all RCL processes will be fully communal.
  • At the Costa Rica community, the unique methane gas / composting toilet has been completed, the cob welcome house is only missing a roof, they are harvesting strawberries and they are in the middle of the rainy season…
  • I try not to make plans but I imagine turning up at the European gathering in Romania and the world gathering in Hungary next summer with a pile of printed copies of the DCI and the RCL Handbook to spread the word… See you there!?

Love and light



Global Consensus: Rainbow Crystal Land Declaration of Common Intention Version 2

Greetings family,

At the gathering in Palenque in December 2012 we consensed our Declaration of Common Intention for the RCL Network of communities. This declaration was a general vision of how we see the world and our communities within it. The work to bring our DCI to a fully functional state by defining our network on an organisational and legal level was continued by our first RCL community in Costa Rica. A community consensus was reached for a proposal of a new DCI, which was to be brought to the world rainbow gathering in Canada for final consensus. We realised the overwhelming complexity of this proposal (which was posted on this blog) and made some drastic last-minute simplifications. This simplified version was amended and expanded in three days of RCL circles at the world gathering on Vancouver Island, yet the final consensus from the gathering maintained the essence of the vision from Costa Rica. This final consensus was then passed back to Costa Rica for verification, and with only one minor change that the world gathering in any case had empowered Costa Rica to make, we reached what could be called our first global consensus on the new version of the DCI. In this process the DCI went through no less than 12 versions, but for clarity we would like to call this final consensus “DCI version 2”.

The history of our articles and declarations is outlined on the Background page, but the direct link to the DCI V2 is here:


This is just a document and it will never fully represent the true vision which lives inside us. This document will never be perfect, it will undoubtedly go through numerous changes as our network grows and our understanding deepens. But it has now reached a stage which enables the Rainbow Crystal Land project to spread its wings and fly. It is now a complete structure that should be understandable for newcomers and automatic and fully communal in its growth without reliance on anyone’s “special knowledge”. This project is now ready for our family in all corners of the world.

Without going into great detail, the new declaration keeps the vision from Palenque more or less intact except for a few amendments. A decision-making process has been agreed upon and one of the biggest changes is that the world rainbow gathering will no longer be able to make decisions for the RCL Network without the agreement of the RCL Communities. Minimum legal requirements for the Organizations that will own our lands communally have been formalized. While openness is still of utmost importance, a protection mechanism for the usage of the land has been instated. Communal ownership of lands and structures has been defined but the possibility of private usage has come into existence. Ways to accept donations of new lands, the establishment of new communities and legally incorporated RCL Organizations have been included.

Although the full document has grown from one to about four pages, simplicity continues to be a cornerstone in this project. Simplicity, however, comes at the cost of loss of detail, so in the coming months I will write a full “RCL Handbook” which thoroughly explains the DCI and the RCL Network in simple language and with the use of practical examples, hopefully helping to make the DCI come alive in our imaginations.

Upwards and onwards! Love to all,