Our email has been disabled because we’re logging into it from many different locations. We’re working on a solution…
The map, linked to the same google account, still works! I think I will rescue it onto my own gmail account (in any case it’s fully public and editable no matter which account it’s linked to) but we need a new email, ideally one that can be shared between many people.



2 comments on “Email

  1. martti says:

    you can use a gmail account and automatically forward to many people,

    Instuctions: In the gmail-account, create two filters. Go into Settings -> Filters, and “Create a new filter.” Then set the “To:” field to your Gmail address, hit “Next” and select the first email in the forwarding field. Repeat this process for the second address.


    • Thank you, I can see how that could work. But it would be a lot of work to add thousands of people to this… Right now I’m thinking that we don’t need an official email as long as we have a public discussion forum… but I don’t know.


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