We have a lift-off!

And there we’re finally up and running… I’ve been toying with this idea for a few years, I’ve been writing for a couple of months and I’m really chuffed to see this temporary website coming together as a first step on the way.

This is a world rainbow caravan side project which extends far beyond the caravan or rainbow. We’re creating a unified Alternative, we’re freeing land, building communities and putting it all together on The Alternative Map of the World.

Right now we’re only two people actively working on this, your truly and Victoria from Spain. We’re hoping for more help soon… This is a horizontal community project which needs community involvement to run. No one is in charge. We’re just making it up as we go along.

We specifically need help from expert lawyers and web developers.

I’m just about to leave Brazil with the world rainbow caravan, we’re going to the Peruvian gathering in Cusco starting… yesterday! So my time online is strictly limited.

Hoping to see more people and places on the Map soon!




6 comments on “We have a lift-off!

  1. Nicely set out blog/site. Keep up the good work. Best Wishes Dave (T.U.C.G).

  2. ¡Hola! Me alegro mucho de decir que pronto estará también el documento en español, el que aparece en el Background. Ya hay otra amiga trabajando en ello junto con mis esfuerzos conjuntos con google translate 🙂
    ¡¡Besos y nos vemos en la Alternativa!!

  3. pete says:

    My friend… thank you for your writing… I am happy to see someone thinking and writing in the same direction as myself. I have written about four or five essays ..stroke books, on the change, the natural solution, or, the unity family project. We are alike. Similar. With a few differences. I will send you some writing when i work out how to do it. I am in touch now with a guy who is a genius website designer.. so things can start to move for me. I understand your need for this website guy and of course a lawyer, so we can skirt round, or appease the law, as is appropriate. Ultimately i and you want the same thing, like many in the world. Which brings people to the rainbow. There are a few things in rainbow that i dont really agree with. That is why i went away to create my own project, because i dont really believe in this horizontal approach, having been in consensuses which are not adhered to, circling for hours to decide to move to water, when we had run out *turkey 2009. 3 hours to make a decision which really was not a decision, then in the night, those bad energies you spoke about came and impressed their filth among the naive and in the morning only 6 of the 40 gatherers who had unanimously decided to move their ass, moved their ass. the rest stayed put with the chillum smokers.
    I find it desperate to see our future leaders deciding that leadership is bad. Bad leadership is bad. Anarchy is like freedom.. a base… a foundation.. upon which a devotional culture can be established. We have to trust each other. I am not raising a difference just for the sake of it… i am very serious about getting this right. And I am creating a movement with responsibility, with focalizers taking care of what needs to be taken care of. Each community needs a chief, shaman, guru. That is tribal. Something somehow plucked out by rainbow. Yet when i go to rainbow and see a guy threatening girls with rape and guys sat around in cirlces as that same guy laughs sitting in side the circle i worry about the sanity of the world. In Nepal, if this happened a group of guys would pick up sticks and kick the unwanted element out of harms way. But rainbow has little protection from negative elements and therefore they are full of them… sat next to angelic entities crying and dying for this upliftment of mankind, waiting for unity to happen..
    So let us make it happen. I will visit Mexico, and support, and if you like we can talk further.
    Soon i will be able to send you details of the unity family which is created to completely supercede our present society, drawing from rainbow and other good ideas in this world.
    Respect and love
    your brother

    • …and thank you for being here, let’s do it! Martin

      • Nima Kaxut says:

        cuida la naturalesa y ella le cuida. Aqui todo se pude robar, su seguridad sera en su trabjo, cura a toda la tierra, no solo lo que le tienes papelaria. Cuando hay problema, tu karma con la made te cuida. No pide donationes, tbaja. Si no se sustenga no se dura el sueño.

  4. Nima… no solo cuidamos la tierra, pero la gente tambien, ellos que llegan porque hay un lugar para trabajar, donde el trabajo y la energia que ponemos es un poco mas seguro porque tenemos derechos legales para quedarnos. Creo que la tierra puede curarse facilmente sin humanos, realmente son los humanos que necesita curacion. Y los humanos llega quando hay este oportunidad, cuando no hay que trabajar por un dueno o empleador.

    Donaciones… somos una familia grande en todos lados del mundo, porque no dar un oportunidad a los que quiere apoyarnos con dinero? Es un otra forma de energia. Piensas que podemos estar sostentables solo con lo que la tierra regala despues 3 mezes de trabajo (en el caso de la tierra en Costa Rica)? Talvez de aqui a 10 anos… Creemos en un mundo donde todos regalan todo que no necesitan… cuando tenemos mas que necesitamos en Costa Rica o qualquier lugar, espero que vamos a regalar lo demas. Ya regalamos 3 comidas cada dia a qualquier persona que llega para comer. Tambien hay algunos que prefira trabajar adentro de la sistema, ganando dinero, que trabajar la tierra. Talvez un dia van a llegar en una comunidad para vivir cuando estamos sostentables. Con donaciones ya pueden dar su energia a las comunidades sin estar alla. Donaciones es una idea fundamental de rainbow. Porque no te gusta?

    Gracias por tu comentario! Espero que entiendes mi espanol.

    Luz, paz y amor


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